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Frequent Flying & Radiation Threat to The Heart

flying1299046221700Exposure to radiation experienced by frequent fliers may damage the heart, new research suggests. Even low doses are linked with a significantly increased risk of heart damage decades after exposure. When flying, the heart is placed under stress from radiation given off in airport body scanners, as well as that which hits the plane from space. This radiation exposure may reduce the heart’s ability to contract. Read more of this post

New Pro GMO Doc Twists Facts to Support Big Ag

no-gmo21“Calm, careful, potentially revolutionary, “Food Evolution” is an iconoclastic documentary on a hot-button topic,” begins a laudatory Los Angeles Times review of a new pro-GMO doc. “Persuasive rather than polemical, it’s the unusual issue film that deals in counterintuitive reason rather than barely controlled hysteria.” Read more of this post

Stevia Kills Lyme Disease Germ

Stevia-copyA 2015 study in the European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology notes Lyme disease is a tick-borne multisystemic disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. “Administering antibiotics is the primary treatment for this disease; however, relapse often occurs when antibiotic treatment is discontinued. The study evaluated the effectiveness of whole leaf Stevia extract against B. burgdorferi spirochetes, persisters, and biofilm forms in vitro.” The study found stevia leaf extract actually killed all forms of the Lyme germ. Read more of this post

More War Lies About Syria

SIERS040617Award-winning journalist Seymour M. Hersh exposed the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam 1968. He later uncovered the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and has published many other stories about war and politics. His latest bombshell, that President Trump ordered a missile strike on Syria without any intelligence evidence of a chemical attack. Read more of this post

Dinosaurs Went Extinct After They Left the Ark & Other Mad Ideas

evolcg4f843193896e6“God made the earth and every kind of creature in a single week just 6,000 years ago,” suggests creationist scientist Dr. Andrew Snelling. He goes on: “Later, because the earth was filled with evil, the Lord destroyed it in a worldwide Flood, and all the land creatures died. We can see reminders of this mass destruction everywhere. Yet God in His mercy preserved representatives of every kind of air-breathing land creature on Noah’s Ark.” Read more of this post

New Russian Poll Names Brutal Dictator Josef Stalin Most Outstanding Person In History


He may have killed and imprisoned millions of Soviet citizens during his brutal reign, but Russians today seemed to have forgotten Josef Stalin’s abhorrent past naming him the most outstanding person in history.  The survey by the independent Levada Center in Moscow showed 38 percent of those two took part chose Stalin.  Read more of this post

Arkansas Farmers Sue Monsanto


A group of Arkansas farmers has filed a class-action lawsuit against Monsanto and the German Company BASF for crop damage due to dicamba herbicide. According to a news release announcing the class action case, the attorneys have decades of experience fighting and protecting agricultural interests in Arkansas and across the nation.  Read more of this post

Monsanto & Bayer Killing Bees & Butterflies

sunflower-bee-beth-reisHow shameless is Monsanto Hawaii’s advertising? A banner ad on the Maui Now web site shows a photo of a bee sucking up nectar from a sunflower next to a photo of a butterfly landing on a yellow flower with a caption proclaiming – “Cultivating an even brighter future for agriculture.”

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Power Corrupts – Lack Empathy

all-power-tends-to-corrupt-and-absolute-power-corrupts-absolutelyAccording to research from Sukhvinder Obhi, a neuroscientist at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, power can actually change how the brain functions. “Many people who have witnessed a colleague get promoted to an executive level have probably seen some changes in their behavior. Power has a profound effect on the neurocognitive system underlying behavior.” Read more of this post

Flying Danger – Toxic Air

plane.giPilots are left incapacitated or suffering fatigue, experiencing breathing problems, and stomach and heart trouble. It’s called aerotoxic syndrome, and researchers are calling for it to be recognized as an occupational disorder. A study published June 12, in the World Health Organization’s journal Public Health Panorama, focused on “bleed air” – the system in use on most planes by which unfiltered air from engine compressors is used to supply the ventilation system in the cabin and cockpit. In a survey 142 out of 274 UK pilots reported specific symptoms and diagnoses with 30 suffering “adverse health effects.” Read more of this post