Shedding Light in the Darkness

The Importance of Elementals


The Greek Cypriot Christian mystic known as Daskalos stressed the importance of thought-forms, what he called elementals. Daskalos considered the study of elementals as one of the most important for all human beings.

He advised that every thought, emotion and desire creates and transmits an elemental – also called thought-form – that carries on an existence of its own. With every thought, each glance, idea, distraction or feeling we create elementals.

We create and regenerate two types of elementals. When negative emotion prevails over thought, we have created emotional thought-forms, or desire-thoughts. When our ideas, desires and emotions pass through reason and love, we create reasoned thought-forms, or thought-desires.

An elemental can never be destroyed, only disenergized (when no longer fed with etheric vitality). We must be wise enough to create elementals of thoughts-desires which will benefit our fellow man, not to satisfy egotistical desires.


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