Shedding Light in the Darkness

Are Smartphones Blinding Us?


A respected researcher in the field of vision science, Dr. Celia Sanchez-Ramos of Madrid’s Complutense University, is warning of the dangers of LED light from electronic devices.

“Eyes are not designed to look directly at light — they are designed to see with light,” says Sanchez-Ramos, who has predicted ‘an epidemic’ of retina problems due to increased exposure to LED lighting.

“This problem is going to get worse, because humans are living longer and children are using electronic devices from a young age, particularly for schoolwork, instead of paper,” Sanchez-Ramos says. “Never before in human history have we exposed our eyes to light that is so intense, for such long periods, from such an early age.”

She has discovered that LED lighting can permanently damage the retina. And in extreme cases, it may even lead to macular degeneration.

According to Sanchez-Ramos, modern LED screens, produced from about 2007 onwards, emit up to five times as much blue light as older technology.

She advises the problem can be remedied by using special screen filters. She has designed a screen filter called Reticare, which converts harmful blue light to a gentler frequency more akin to sunshine. Due to her research a number of Spanish local authorities have ruled that all schools under their jurisdiction must use protective screen filters.

The Reticare screen is supposed to reduce sleep disorders caused by over exposure from LED screens, and eliminate headaches, dry eyes, and eye irritation. More info is available at –


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