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Why Are They Attacking Dr. Oz?


It’s in the news that 10 scientists/physicians have signed a letter attacking Dr Mehmet Oz, the host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” asking for his removal from the faculty of Columbia University.

In the letter, among their concerns, they attack his, “baseless and relentless opposition to the genetic engineering of food crops.”

So who are these critics? Well the primary signee is Dr. Henry Miller, of the right wing Hoover Institute, a passionate GMO industry supporter and denier of climate change, who is infamous for his post-Fukushima statement that, “those who were exposed to low levels of radiation could have actually benefited from it.”

And then there’s Gilbert Ross, the president of the American Council on Science and Health (which is largely funded by corporations) which supports GMOs, fracking, the pesticide industry, and e-cigarettes! ACSH’s former president dismissed concerns about chemicals as potential health hazards as “chemophobia,” an “emotional, psychiatric problem.”

Ross, who once had his medical license revoked for Medicare fraud, has complained about, “crusaders for “public health,” endeavoring to label foods with GM-ingredients, scaring consumers away from perfectly safe products towards their pet organic foods.”

He once announced: “Despite many efforts to tie cancer causation to trace levels of environmental chemicals, especially pesticides, no such relationship has ever been shown.”

There’s Michael H. Mellon, M.D. who praised Miller’s pro-GMO book “The Frankenfood Myth” as a “masterful exposé of the flaws in current public policy towards biotechnology.”

Then there’s Dr. Glenn Swogger Jr., who accused Oz of being a “scaremonger” who spread misinformation about genetically modified foods.

You get the idea – is it just another part of the devious campaign to discredit anyone who questions the safety of GMOs?


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