Shedding Light in the Darkness

Fukushima Four Years Later


ENENews just reported on a press conference given in Japan on April 24, 2015, by Prof. Hiroaki Koide of the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, who has long warned about the dangers of nuclear power. He declared the ongoing Fukushima nuclear plant disaster is so bad the only solution is to erect a giant concrete coffin.

Tepco believes that there are lumps of melted fuel and that the first step they will take is to somehow plug the holes in the containment vessel. This plan is simply impossible to realize. We don’t even have the technology or ability now even to determine where the holes are.

“The only possible way we can eventually deal with this accident is to do what was done at Chernobyl, which is to create a concrete coffin or sarcophagus for the facility.

“Units 1-3 have pools that are filled with spent fuels and they must be removed, otherwise we cannot even think about building a concrete coffin. How long will it take for the spent fuel rods to be removed to a slightly less dangerous place? We have no idea. How many years from now will that [sarcophagus] be done? I cannot even begin to make a prediction. In fact I probably will not be alive when the project starts.

“Although the Chernobyl accident was a terrible accident, it only involved one reactor. With Fukushima, we have the minimum of 3 reactors that are emitting dangerous radiation. The work involved to deal with this accident will take tens of years, hundreds of years.”


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