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Exposing the GMO Propaganda


In the introduction to Steven Druker’s brilliant GMO expose “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth,” legendary anthropologist Jane Goodall writes: “I urge everyone I know who cares about life on earth, and the future of their children, to read it. It will go a long way toward dispelling the confusion and delusion that has been created regarding the genetic engineering process and the foods it produces. Steven Druker is a hero. He deserves at least a Nobel Prize.” Read more of this post

What Happens When an American Restaurant Chain Dumps GMOs?


The Ecologist just published an insightful article on the Chipotle restaurant chain’s decision to go GMO free. It suggests – “As Chipotle goes GMO-free, Monsanto’s worst fear is coming true.”

“A clear sign that the move is significant, however, is that Chipotle’s decision was met with a tidal-wave of establishment media abuse. Despite the company’s rational explanation, Chipotle has been called irresponsible, anti-science, irrational, and much more by the Washington Post, Time, the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times  and many others.” Read more of this post

What’s in a Fast-Food Strawberry Milkshake?


Well, you can forget about actual strawberries.

The U.K. newspaper The Guardian ran a story on fast food ingredients in 2006. Ingredients in a fast-food strawberry milkshake typically include milk fat and nonfat milk, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, guar gum, cellulose gum, sodium phosphate, Allura Red AC (known as FD&C Red 40 in the U.S.), and artificial strawberry flavor.

And what’s in artificial strawberry flavor? Read more of this post

Adverse Childhood Experiences Study – Chronic Migraine


The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is a fascinating ongoing collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta,  and Kaiser Permanente in San Diego.

More than 17,000 Kaiser patients volunteered to participate in the Study.  Data resulting from their participation continues to be analyzed –  it reveals staggering proof of the health, social, and economic risks that result from childhood trauma. Read more of this post

Digital Dementia – What We Are Doing to Our Minds


It’s not just in South Korea that the specter of digital dementia amongst young people has been ringing alarm bells. German neuroscientist Dr. Manfred Spitzer has also been warning that digital media can be harmful to young brains.

“I think today’s youth will have problems a few decades from now as a result of their media consumption,” Spitzer reported in an interview. Read more of this post

Laptop or Handwritten Notes for Best Memorization?

'All my textbooks are ebooks but I forgot to charge my e-Reader so I could not do the assignments.'

Interesting report on NPR this morning about the resurgence of handwritten notes compared with digital inputting. It turns out that we can remember information better when it’s in a tangible, paper form.

Read more of this post

Neil Young Rocks Maui

IMG_0139 - Copy

On Saturday when thousands of people around the world marched against the biotech giant Monsanto and its genetically modified crops and pesticides, rock legend Neil Young celebrated the protest, igniting Charley’s in Paia with a surprise gig backed by Promise of the Real blasting out songs from his forthcoming “The Monsanto Years” album. Read more of this post

Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution


Bill Graham was the most prominent and successful music entrepreneur of the late 20th century. Entering the music business at the age of 35, his involvement with music developed from founding San Francisco’s legendary Fillmore Auditorium to staging national tours with the Rolling Stones and managing artists such as Bob Dylan and Santana. Among his accomplishments he organized the historic Live Aid concert in Philadelphia in 1985, which featured a galaxy of rock stars. Sadly he died in a helicopter crash in 1991 leaving a concert. He is being remembered with a retrospective exhibition in Los Angeles, “Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution.”

I interviewed Bill in 1985 on Maui, right before Live Aid. Here are some excerpts. Read more of this post

March Against Monsanto

nogmo Citizens from around the world will join the global March Against Monsanto on Saturday. Marches will be staged in 33 countries across six continents with rallies spanning 280 cities. On Maui, where Monsanto has a large presence, there will be an Outgrow Monsanto community planting of sweet potatoes, taro, pumpkin and tomatoes. The following is a prayer of support from Hawaiian spiritual leader Lei’ohu Ryder who lives on Maui. “Aloha ʻāina, mālama ʻāina! Remain rooted to aloha! We take a breath, we take the next step & hoʻolōkāhi i ka puʻuwai, unify in one heart! As we breathe in to our essence, a refreshing breath of change comes wafting upon our Maui miracle to usher in a new dawn of understanding, educating and awareness.”

How Euphemisms are Employed to Mask the Truth


The latest environmental disaster in California, with a cracked pipe pouring tens of thousands of gallons of oil into the Pacific got me thinking about the many euphemisms employed to mask or limit the truth. The oil is a “spill,” like you’ve just knocked over a glass of milk. And we had the Gulf of Mexico oil “spill,” which caused millions of dollars in damage.

In his 1946 essay “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell wrote how obfuscatory political language is designed “to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.”

Later in his brilliant classic book “1984,” he wrote about newspeak, the official language of control of Oceania, which is a political language designed to narrow the range of thinking among the citizenry to the point that they lack the terms to think for themselves. Read more of this post