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The GMO Propaganda Machine Attacks Neil Young


In an absurd June 14th New York Post article headlined “How Neil Young, Greenpeace Work to Starve the World’s Poor,” UK Conservative Party MP and former Environment Minister Owen Paterson, attacked the legendary rocker for his support of the anti-GMO movement.

Paterson, who is known to make outlandish pro-GMO statements, writes: “This month, rock legend Neil Young will release his 36th studio album. It’s a bit different from his usual fare. Called “The Monsanto Years,” the album features the collaboration of Young and Willie Nelson’s sons, Micah and Lukas, and targets Monsanto, the company known for producing food made from genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

“The aging songwriter is following the lead of activists who claim that GMOs are harmful to health, farmers and the environment. This is tragically wrong. In reality, GMOs can save millions of lives. It’s the environmentalists who are doing real harm.

He concludes: “Instead of bashing companies that are trying to save lives, Young ought to use his star power to convince the NGO community to do the right thing and support giving the developing world the GMO tools it needs to feed its growing, and tragically malnourished, populations.”

In the article Paterson pushes GMO Golden Rice as a solution to hunger. But of course he forgot to point out that field trials have failed, and it hasn’t been shown in tests to be safe to eat or be efficacious in combating vitamin A deficiency.

He has made wild claims that, “every attempt to deploy Golden Rice has been thwarted and in that time seven million children have gone blind or died. Young people will wake up this morning able to see and they will go to bed blind for life.”

The actual reality is that children do not go blind overnight through a lack of Vitamin A in their diet. The vitamin is available more cheaply through many other natural foods such as green vegetables.

“The Monsanto Years” is due out June 29.


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