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Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Truth Comes Out – Mobile/Cell Phones & Cancer


A new study claims mobile phones pose a “very real risk” to human health, as radiation from wireless devices such as phones and tablets could be linked to a number of health risks, from cancer to diseases of the brain such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Read more of this post

Musician Michael Franti on the Sad Death of Zimbabwe’s Magnificent Cecil the Lion


“I’m not opposed to hunting for food our ancestors have always done it. Sport killing is not cool and never has been. Unfortunately Cecil the lion’s death was not a one off and millions of endangered animals are slaughtered for sport each year. Read more of this post

What Happens When You Drink a Coke


When somebody drinks a can of Coke or any similar sugary caffeine drink, has the lowdown…
In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.) You don’t immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor allowing you to keep it down. Read more of this post

Trans Pacific Partnership – The New Colonialism Lands on Maui


It’s kind of sickening that the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations have just landed on Maui. While tourists are frolicking in the warmth of the Pacific Ocean at Ka’anapali, a group of representatives from 12 nations haggle at the plush Westin Maui Resort & Spa basically over how multi-national mega corporations can best reap the biggest profits. Read more of this post

Got To Fly? – Take Elderberry


If you’ve got to fly somewhere, it might help to take along some elderberry. A new study has found that an elderberry supplement offers protection from cold and flu-like symptoms following long-haul flights, as well as reducing passengers’ colds by up to two days if they get one. Read more of this post

Drug Company Extortion in the U.S. and Europe


A news story this morning on National Public Radio reported on the American Society of Clinical Oncology setting up a database of cancer drugs, which included a score for each drug based on how well a drug worked and how much it cost.

The database includes a lung cancer drug made by Eli Lilly, called Pemetrexed, sold under the brand name Alimta. It scored a zero, meaning it didn’t work any better than the standard treatment, and the cost was 10 times more expensive than the standard treatment. The cost – $90,193 per month. Alimta was Eli Lilly’s best seller last year, and it brought in revenues of $2.8 billion.

Read more of this post

All You Need is Love – And Limbic Resonance


The Beatles sang “All You Need is Love,” some 30 years before the publication of a groundbreaking book “A General Theory of Love,” by San Francisco psychiatrists Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, and Richard Lannon (Random House, 2000), that basically proposes without nurturing, loving care children are not going to grow up to be emotionally balanced adults. Read more of this post

Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant Continues to Pour Radiation Into The Pacific Ocean


TEPCO reported on July 17, 2015 that Strontium-90 concentrations in the ocean outside Fukushima Units 3 and 4 are at record highs. Levels have spiked around 1,000% in 3 months.

Excerpts from presentation by nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen, Jul 16, 2015: “This catastrophe is not over. We should continue to be very worried. Three of the nuclear cores at Fukushima Daiichi are in direct contact with groundwater.  Nuclear power designers and engineers never anticipated that possibility. Groundwater is still leaking in and leaking out, at a rate of at least 300 tons per day… more than 1,500 days have passed… 23,000-tanker truckloads of radioactive water have already leaked into the Pacific Ocean. There is no end in sight.” Read more of this post

Sugar Blues Part 4 – Time To Cut Back


So the UK’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition has just come out with a new recommendation for sugar intake – suggesting a drastic reduction with free sugars accounting for no more than 5% of daily energy intake. That equates to 30 grams or 7 sugar cubes per day for anyone 11 years and over. Just one can of Coca Cola contains 39 grams of sugar, while a 7-11 32 oz Big Gulp of coke has 91 grams. Read more of this post

GMO Soy Contains Formaldehyde

Edamame beans isolated on white

A new study published in Agricultural Sciences reveals genetic engineering of soy disrupts the plant’s natural ability to control stress, and invalidates the FDA’s current regulatory framework of “substantial equivalence” used for approval of GMOs. Read more of this post