Shedding Light in the Darkness

How to Buy a Politician


Author/radio show host Thom Hartmann has a great article posted on his web site about the ease of buying off politicians. Trained in NLP he has written books on ADHD, and one of his works inspired the Dalai Lama to invite Hartmann to spend a week in Dharamsala with him.

“Investing in a politician can yield more returns than any stock or other commodity ever could,” Hartmann writes. “Take the case of what Montana’s fossil fuel companies invested in Representative Ryan Zinke.”

“Montana’s coal producers have had to pay royalties to the state of Montana for coal mined on federal land. But Montana’s coal producers found a way get around paying the royalties for coal they took from public lands.

“Last week Montana Representative at-large Ryan Zinke introduced a rider to the House budget bill that blocks the Obama administration’s new rule on royalties.

The bill would close a loophole in how royalties are collected from coal mined on federal lands. Coal companies have been employing a regulatory loophole to sell coal to their own subsidiary companies at intentionally depressed prices to avoid royalty payments. The lost revenue revenue could be used for schools, roads, and other priorities.

“Oil, gas and coal companies donated at least $43,000 dollars to Zincke’s campaign. And what are the companies getting in return? They’re avoiding paying 19 million dollars a year for taking that coal from you and me and the rest of America which owns the public lands.”

Zincke is a retired Navy SEAL commander. He has called Hilary Clinton, the “anti-Christ.”


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