Shedding Light in the Darkness

More Wisdom From Beinsa Douno


“All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the Master Peter Deunov from Bulgaria” – Albert Einstein.

Born Peter Konstantinov Deunov in Bulgaria, he became known as Master Beinsa Douno. Among his voluminous writings he offered illumination into our esoteric place in the cosmos. “In the Solar system, the Earth is the lowest position, where the soul can descend,” he wrote.

If you look at Genesis, our Earth is one of the most underdeveloped culturally. In the other solar systems there are very advanced worlds. If, for example, you go to thee solar system of Sirius, you’ll see they live very well there. The old peoples, like the Assyrians, who understood that ancient science, adopted the word Assyria –meaning people, who want to live, according to the culture of Sirius.

We live on the Earth, but we have been sent here on an exile. We are abandoned by the entire Cosmos and receive no communications from the Sun, from the Moon, from Mars, Jupiter or any other stars.

The Earth is a reformatory school. Our Earth is a reformatory institution. The finest reformatory school is the Earth. In the entire Solar system, there’s no better reformatory school than the Earth. From the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, they are sent here, and a significant budget is also sent here. They like the Earth, because it serves as a reformatory institution. Whoever comes out of the Earth, reformed, he becomes a prominent person in his own homeland.

Sometimes they ask: “Are there in other systems, in other worlds, sins like those on the Earth?” No, in our Universe, only the Earth is a reformatory institution. From all other systems, all criminals are only sent here, on Earth. When it comes to straightening, God comes down here to correct this Earth. Great dignities of all systems, the cleverest, the greatest people, who commit sins, are sent here for reformation. And when they are reformed, everybody goes to their own homeland, from where he had come. It can take 10, or it can take 15 thousand years, it can even be 100 thousand years or a million years – it does not matter. But whoever came to Earth, has to be reformed. There’s plenty of time.

We, people on Earth, have come here to learn. We are a material doctrine. We are here to elevate the value of the Earth. In this world, we are a material doctrine, this Earth gains value, according to us. Those professors, who will come to teach us, they will come because of us. If we leave the Earth, they will also leave and the Earth will be like to Moon – a lifeless structure.

The elixir of life comes from far away, it passes through the Sun and comes to the Earth every 2 thousand years, bringing new life, new culture, new age. In 3 years the Sun enters a new sign, a new age, which will last another 2 thousand years. This sign is Aquarius. When the Sun enters that sign, something new – a new urge, a new aspiration will enter people’s souls. (1923)

The Age of Aquarius is a mystic age. Since 1914 we have already entered an age, when all the snow and ice have started melting, because the main thing about Aquarius is the purity and whoever comes into this area, will definitely be purified. After 2 100 years the Earth will enter a new sign, and now Aquarius will reconcile everything and the old will be gone.

The karma of all peoples is immature, now it is time for liquidation, for repayment. The sixth race is coming, and peoples cannot enter it, before liquidation of their karma. And now all this suffering is a liquidation of the accumulated karma, a preparation for the new life, which comes on Earth.

How will peoples’ karma be resolved? It’s very simple – the invisible world has methods to resolve this issue. It has provided for a great migration of people from the East to the West, and then from the West to the East. This great migration will first occur in the invisible world. In this way the Germans, killed by Russians, after some time will be reborn in Russia. In the same way, the Russians, killed by Germans will be reborn in Germany, after several decades, after these generations grow up, in – say 45 years, they will find out that they no longer have among them the hatred of the former generations.

This is how nature resolves this issue in the family first: parents give birth to their enemies and through raising and educating their children, they pay their karmic debts. There is not a single parent, who does not love his children. In the same way, the people in this war will repay each other their debts, after 45 years.

The world is being corrupted now, but the fall of the world is due to a general reason. The reason is not what it is thought to be. When people come the same spot, where we have fallen, and from there an elevation starts, and gradually there will finally be a positive result. We’ve been walking along a curved path in an orbit for 8 thousand years. We are close to completing a semi-circle. We will reach that low point where we’ve fallen, according to the laws of involution, and, according to the law of evolution, we will then reach the opposite point and will have a different sunrise. The ascension and salvation of the entire mankind will then come.


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