Shedding Light in the Darkness

1,000 Musicians Rock Italy For The Foo Fighters


A massive gathering of musicians, one thousand strong. gathered in an Italian field to perform the Foo Fighters song “Learn to Fly.” It’s an amazing scene with hundreds of drummers playing in perfect synchronization, while a sea of guitarists mightily rock and the singers give it their all – all to try and persuade the Foo Fighters to perform in their city. It took a year to organize and it worked – the band has promised to play there!

The event organizer, Fabio Zaffagnini was inspired to tackle the brilliant project watching the 2003 Jack Black comedy School of Rock. The DVD includes a bonus feature where Black says if you really want something, you have to ask – and it works better if there are a thousand people screaming behind you.” (Black and director Richard Linklater sought permission to use a Led Zeppelin song in the film, so they shot a plea video during a concert and the band relented.)

“We think these kind of things can happen in other countries, but not Italy,” Zaffagnini told The Guardian. “The US is a place where dreams come true and Italy’s not, so every time we’d tell sponsors or musicians about the idea, they’d say it was cool but it’d never happen.”

The video has more than 18 million views!


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