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Worst Airlines in the World


A couple of years back Business Insider published an article on the worst airlines in the world. So for your reading amusement here are the Top 4 assembled from reviews on the airline rating site Skytrax, with some choice comments from disgruntled passengers.

Number 4 – Uzbekistan Airways:

“Unfriendly staff, broken seats, not enough pillows for everyone, one drinks service in 7 hours, really bad food, unclean toilets, old movies (most of them in Russian or Uzbek). There was a drunk passenger on board annoying other passengers and the staff could not handle this at all.”

“London Heathrow to Tashkent. Staff were surly and unhelpful: one woman had a wet seat and was told tough – she moved herself. Food was diabolical and the worst I have eaten – well tried to. Inflight entertainment was a rubbish video played on an overhead screen too far away to watch.”

Number 3 – Ukraine International Airlines:

“Our luggage was supposed to fly transit and we were supposed to retrieve them at final destination. We did not receive two of our bags, and have been waiting for two weeks for any information. This airline managed to lose 2 bags in one round trip. When contacting this airline’s employees for help with this problem, no one wanted to help. All I was given was a phone number to customer support in which I have been calling for a week and only once have they picked up the phone and hung up during that call. The Boeing in which we were flying from New York to Kiev was the worst I have ever seen in my 20 years of traveling.”

“Flight from Kiev to JFK was hands down the worst flight I have been on. The seats are extremely uncomfortable and are terrible in causing lower back pain, and recline only an inch or two. The cabin crew took the cold, aloof, and rudeness of the Kiev airport staff to an entirely new level, and were openly hostile towards passengers. The food was laughably bad, but the worst part is that they offered maybe 500ml (16 oz) of beverage for the entire 10 hour flight.”

Number 2 – Sudan Airways:

“Aircraft very scruffy inside and needed some real attention and cleaning. Seats were broken in many areas and toilets were unusable. Flight attendants did not seem bothered by any of this. Service was all over in a short time and FAs then disappeared to galley. Not an airline I would wish on my worst enemy and despite all they say in their magazine about change this airline seems to be a lot worse than when I last flew them. Avoid at all costs.”

And the winner! – Turkmenistan Airlines:

“I have flown several times with TA but rarely enjoyed the trip; made worse by the lack of everything one associates with a decent air carrier. They don’t have staff who can speak English no particular manners and in general they are rude. No information in English or Hindi/Punjabi on board or at Ashgabat. I think they treat passengers with contempt and anger directed towards them. I have witnessed the so call air hostesses being rude. As for the on board entertainment the less said the better. They make all announcements in some language that not a single passenger understands. I know they sometimes have one air hostess who pretends to speak English, but no one can understand as it simply isn’t English! The occasional films they show are in Russian and always highly embarrassing for Indians.”

“I traveled with my elderly mother and all I can say is never again. Rude flight attendants, food inedible, no entertainment, aircraft old and dirty. Lay over in ASB (Ashgabat International Airport) a disaster. We were made to walk from the plane to the terminal and back again and negotiate stairs covered in ice – outside temperature was -17C. Complete chaos in the terminal when issuing boarding passes.”

To be fair the airlines mentioned (apart from Sudan) did have some contented customer comments.

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