Shedding Light in the Darkness

The Wisdom of Brugh Joy


“The second half of life has to do with discovering whether you are really in service to the vaster Life – what is it that you can surrender, what do you devote or dedicate yourself to. Initially you may be with someone who does things for you, like a teacher, but afterwards you need to find the resources and the discoveries and illuminations within. Find a glimpse of the Transcendent not based on dogma, but that is a living experience for you.”

“Be true to yourself – light your light, radiate your essential contribution to life. Begin to know the deeper being that lives through you and has been living through you and illuminate it.”

W. Brugh Joy, MD was the author of the books “Joy’s Way” and “Avalanche,” which challenged the idealistic vision of spirituality as an experience of love, light, and harmony. He suggested it was essential to appreciate the dark, shadow side of human nature which, if left unintegrated, can wreak havoc in our lives.


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