Shedding Light in the Darkness

Doom on September 28th? Or Just Another Day? Blood Moon News


Australia’s reports: “A PERFECT storm of religious prophesy, astronomical phenomena, global conflict, financial instability and natural disaster is conspiring to make this month’s “blood moon apocalypse” the most dreaded doomsday ever. On September 28, God and science will collide in spectacular fashion with the fourth lunar eclipse in just two years — a series known as a “tetrad” — each coinciding with a Jewish holy day.

The current tetrad of blood moons has fallen on April 14, 2014 (Passover), October 8, 2014 (Feast of the Tabernacle), April 4, 2015 (Passover) and September 28 marks the first day of this year’s Feast of the Tabernacle. According to the mongers of doom, this tetrad — the ninth to coincide with Jewish holy days since Jesus Christ — bears the signs of Old Testament prophesy heralding the end of times.

And the fourth and final of the lunar eclipses will also be a Super Moon, making it appear larger than usual and probably even more frightening to those convinced they’re about to meet their maker.

The Blood Moon Prophesy has been largely propagated by two enormously influential Christian ministers, Mark Blitz and John Hagee, both of whom have written books on the subject. Mr Blitz, who leads the El Shaddai Ministries in Washington wrote a bestseller called Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs, is regarded as a modern prophet his thousands of followers. According to his book, Jewish tetrads have always coincided with events of great historic significance, the most recent examples being the establishment of the nation of Israeli in 1948 and the six-day battle for Jerusalem in 1967.

Mr Hagee, founder and senior pastor of the Cornerstone megachurch in San Antonio, Texas, claims credit for the Jewish tetrad doomsday theory in his own bestseller, Four Blood Moons.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have been stewing over the end of the world for months thanks to popular Mormon author Julie Rowe. Last year, Rowe published back-to-back books in which she described a series of visions she claims she had during a near-death experience in 2004.

The books, which urge people to “unify in righteousness and continue to build a righteous army” in preparation for the end of the world, have flown off the shelves in the Mormon heartland of Utah. But church elders have distanced themselves from the mother-of-three, declaring her work was not in line with traditional teachings.

While neither of Rowe’s books contain a specific date for the end of the world, she appears to endorse the Blood Moon Prophesy and the significance of the Jewish tetrad during public appearances.

Last week, reports emerged of Mormons “stockpiling food” ahead of the blood moon. “Mixing a brew of biblical prophecies, the Hebrew calendar, a volatile economy, world politics, and astronomical occurrences, hordes of Utahns have become convinced calamitous events are imminent — maybe by month’s end — and are taking every precaution,” Peggy Fletcher Stack of The Salt Lake Tribune reported. reported: “Many Mormons have expressed fears that a major earthquake will strike Utah on the night of the blood moon. “Others reportedly anticipate a military invasion, technological disruptions and general chaos and hysteria.”

In a new YouTube video, Pastor Paul Begley, based in Indiana, USA, who claims the “second coming of Christ” will follow the Blood Moon, filmed an appeal to everyone to get baptised to “save themselves.”

According to Professor Gary Shogren, a former pastor who studied the New Testament at Aberdeen University, quoted in the UK Daily Express: “You’ll never go broke predicting the apocalypse.”

Even if nothing happens more than usual on the 28th, the classic social psychology text “When Prophecy Fails,” illustrates how “doom believers,” through the process of cognitive dissonance, will find some way to rationalize the situation and keep predicting doom.


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