Shedding Light in the Darkness

Phone & Laptop Radiation Protection


Helped by a crowd funding campaign two friends have launched a company called SafeSleeve, which produces cellphone and laptop covers preventing radiation exposure. One of the inventors, Cary Subel, was inspired to create a safe alternative during high school through a friend’s father, who was an urologist. Subel would place his laptop on his lap, but the doctor kept warning him about studies finding radiation from such devices and placement could lead to fertility problems and others, such as cancer.

Their first product was a laptop case, which uses military-grade materials to prevent radiation waves from emitting to the body. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified their research reducing electromagnetic radiation up to 99 percent. The integrated FCC-certified lab tested radiation-shielding foil not only deflects and absorbs RF, ELF and Thermal radiation to greatly reduce your exposure, but it also blocks RFID signals, so that hackers cannot steal your credit card information by scanning it from afar.

Subel and business partner Alaey Kumar firm believers that radiation does cause damage. “Cellphones have not been around that long,” Kumar told The Coast News. “As we start using them more and more, we believe there will be a correlation to cellphones and harmful affects to our health.”

Their cellphone cases are wallet-style, and are available for iPhone and Samsung phones. According to a Forbes article, there’s a small cutout on the outside for the cellphone earpiece. Once you connect your phone call, you just close the case with the magnetic clasp, which thus creates a buffer between the phone and your ear. The sound is identical as if the phone were pressed up against your ear.

As for the future the inventors have received numerous requests to create cases for tablets.


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