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The Environmental Protection Agency Does Not Protect Us – by Zen Honeycutt


EPA Rally Oct. 16th 2015 World Food Day.
We are here on World Food Day because the EPA is not protecting us.
Since its inception, EPA has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people. Really?  We appreciate that 65 chemical have been banned or restricted in the past 45 years.  But let’s look at the reality of what the EPA is doing.  That’s 65 out of 80,000 chemicals. That is .008125% of the chemicals have been restricted.  That means you can pretty much produce any kind of chemical you want and have a 99.999% chance of being able to use it almost where ever you want, even on food.  

800 of these chemicals are acknowledged endocrine disruptors which are allowed on our food, household products or environment.  This means they are knowingly allowing our fetuses, babies, children and citizens to be impacted by
sex hormone changing chemical which alter our mood, behavior, gut brain connection, reproductive organs, liver and kidney and overall health.  They are KNOWINGLY harming us.  I don’t call that protection, I call that POISONING.

The very same chemical companies that are lobbying our EPA right now to raise the levels of toxic chemicals allowed on our food and reapprove them for another 15 years, such as glyphosate, are the very same chemical companies that also benefit of the effects of their harm.  Did you know that Dupont, which uses glyphosate and 2,4D in their latest herbicide Enlist DUO  also owns the largest probiotics supplier in the world?  Dinesco?

So they make us sick and then they profit from making us “better”.  Did you know Syngenta is the largest pesticide producer in the world and they also sell hundreds of pharmaceuticals through their sister company Astra Zenica that treat the exact
symptoms of those chemicals?  Why do you think Monsanto wanted to merge with them?  They need a perfect profit circle too.

The toxic burden on our children is poisoning them and compromising our children and the future of our country. 1 out of  2 children in America has a chronic illness like autism, allergies, auto immune disease, asthma, diabetes or obesity.  1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women are expected to get cancer.  57.7 million American have mental illness.  That’s one out of 5.  We have the highest rate of infertility/sterility and miscarriages in recorded history, 30 % which exactly correlates with the results of a pig study in Denmark where pigs were fed grain sprayed with glyphosate at 2 ppm, at or below what is allowed on our food, and in repeated testing with 3000 pigs, the pigs had a 30% increase in miscarriages.

We are turning the tide, we have met with the EPA, after 10,000 women called the EPA in 3 days, had a 1 hour meeting that turned into 2 hours and eventually they did agree to test breast milk for glyphosate.  Apparently they are doing that now and will release their results when they announce their decision on whether or not to reapprove glyphosate for another 15 years this
December.  We EXPECT THEM to revoke the licence of glyphosate.  We know it’s not likely but it is the right thing to do.  It is what must be done.

We need to remind the EPA  to DO THEIR JOB.  Ban glyphosate and all toxic chemicals! Contact them. Call them at: (703)308-8187, and write to them at

Zen Honeycutt


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