Shedding Light in the Darkness

A Homage to Paris’ Bataclan Theatre

eiffel6803334The Bataclan theatre in Paris, the site of the horrific slaughter of concert goers, has been a favorite of musicians for years.  In remembrance of the attack Bryan Ferry wrote: “In November 1972 Roxy Music performed at the Bataclan in Paris. All our thoughts are with Paris and our French friends.” Peter Gabriel, who fronted Genesis there in 1975, simply wrote, “shocked, sad and angry. We are all Parisian today.”

Since the early 1970s, it has been a legendary music venue where artists such as the Velvet Underground, The Police, Prince, the Foo Fighters, the Clash, Oasis, The Cure, Alice Cooper, and Metallica have played.

Musicians who had imminently planned to play there included the Deftones and blues guitarist Gary Clark, Jr.

It was built in 1864 as “Le Grand Cafe Chinois-Theatre Bataclan,” and originally served as a home for vaudeville entertainment. In 1892 William Cody aka Buffalo Bill performed there. It was converted into a cinema in the mid-1920’s and remained that way until 1969 when it was transformed back into a concert hall.

According to a Wiki entry for 40 years the Bataclan had Jewish owners. It was sold in September. The theatre had been a target for anti-Israel protestors. One extremist group called “Army of Islam” had threatened the Bataclan in 2011 because its owners were Jewish.

Jeff Buckley recorded his EP “Live from the Bataclan” there in 1995.


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