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How They Promoted Nuclear Power in the 1970s


Radioactivity. It’s been in the family for generations.

In fact, scientists can tell us just how our remote ancestors are by measuring the radioactivity still in the bones of prehistoric cave dwellers. Radioactivity dating is possible because virtually everything on earth — food, air, water, man himself —  is radioactive and always has been.

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Is Sweden Commiting Suicide?


Sweden’s recent announcement that they would impose temporary border checks at the bridge across the Oresund strait separating Sweden and Denmark and ferry ports in the region, reflects a nation facing a massive crisis. The government warned last week that it could no longer guarantee finding accommodation for newly-arrived refugees. Today, Sweden takes in more immigrants relative to its population than the U.S. did at the peak of the transatlantic migration. Read more of this post

Brainwashing Kids With GMO Propaganda


DES MOINES, Iowa, Oct. 14, 2015  — The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture and the International Food Information Council Foundation announced the global launch of Bringing Biotechnology to Life, a free educational resource that aims to facilitate learning about agricultural biotechnology and its role in food production. The new curriculum was unveiled at the World Food Prize 2015 Borlaug Dialogue international symposium. Read more of this post

The Environmental Protection Agency Does Not Protect Us – by Zen Honeycutt


EPA Rally Oct. 16th 2015 World Food Day.
We are here on World Food Day because the EPA is not protecting us.
Since its inception, EPA has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people. Really?  We appreciate that 65 chemical have been banned or restricted in the past 45 years.  But let’s look at the reality of what the EPA is doing.  That’s 65 out of 80,000 chemicals. That is .008125% of the chemicals have been restricted.  That means you can pretty much produce any kind of chemical you want and have a 99.999% chance of being able to use it almost where ever you want, even on food.   Read more of this post

Phone & Laptop Radiation Protection


Helped by a crowd funding campaign two friends have launched a company called SafeSleeve, which produces cellphone and laptop covers preventing radiation exposure. One of the inventors, Cary Subel, was inspired to create a safe alternative during high school through a friend’s father, who was an urologist. Subel would place his laptop on his lap, but the doctor kept warning him about studies finding radiation from such devices and placement could lead to fertility problems and others, such as cancer. Read more of this post

Housefold Pesticide Exposure & ADHD in Boys


A new study links a commonly used household pesticide with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and young teens. The study found an association between pyrethroid pesticide exposure and ADHD, particularly in terms of hyperactivity and impulsivity, rather than inattentiveness. The association was stronger in boys than in girls. Read more of this post

The Danger of GMO Soybeans


Pregnant goats fed with genetically engineered soybeans have offspring who grow more slowly and are shorter, according to a new Italian study (Tudisco et al., 2015). Published in the journal Small Ruminant Research, the researchers tested the results of supplementing the feed of female goats with Roundup Ready GMO soybeans.  Read more of this post

The Legacy of Fukushima – Mothers and Children Escaping


Japanese filmmaker Hitomi Kamanaka’s latest documentary, “Little Voices from Fukushima,” centers on a group of mothers trying to gain more information about the effects of radiation on their children’s health, because the authorities give them none. According to Kamanaka the women’s husbands refused to appear on camera “even though they support what their wives are doing.” Read more of this post