Shedding Light in the Darkness

David Bowie – We Lost a Genius


The news of David Bowie leaving us came as a shock. He had been a recluse for quite a while, but we had no idea it was illness related. What is totally amazing is that in the last days of his life he produced a new album of fascinating, innovative music. It’s hard to imagine any other acclaimed artist accomplishing such a feat.

When I first heard the “Black Star” title song I was stunned. It sounded so unique and daring I couldn’t imagine any of his peers – Dylan, Prince, U2, the Stones etc. – releasing something so novel after so many years of creating music. It’s unparalleled. And it a arrived with a bizarre, sometimes disturbing long form video. Again no one but Bowie could have pulled it off.

I was lucky enough to see David before he became famous. When he fronted a soul band (playing Stax covers like “Land of a 1000 Dances”) Davy Jones and The Lower Third, he showed up at my UK school dance in 1966. It was fun, he was quite charismatic, even back then. Who knew he would become famous.

Some years later, living in Southern California I drove to LA to hear him in concert. Fabulous show of course. Pumped from the concert I was speeding home on the freeway jabbering to girlfriend when she says, ‘do you know you just did?’ No. ‘You just sped by a CHP car. Of course I was stopped. He was quite amused by my action. ‘We paint our cars black and white for a reason he informed me.’ I smiled. Sorry was just too excited. I still got a ticket, but who cares after seeing the great, incomparable Bowie in concert.we shared

Another memory, sitting with one of the head priests at a monastery in Kyoto in the early 1980s. Over tea we discovered we shared a mutual love for Ziggy.

He was always a brilliant showman, and what a way to for him to go out, right after releasing his latest album. Genius.

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