Shedding Light in the Darkness

Dr. Brugh Joy on the Illusion of World Peace


“Seeking world peace is not about peace, it is power and control all under the guise of service to humanity. I think we are just very naive talking about peace – we don’t want to be threatened by chaos, by change, by uncertainties, and yet it is in those things that we have the greatest development.

We do not develop in the soporific state of consciousness of peace. The peace movement is a power/control issue and it doesn’t realize that it calls forth its counterpart at an unconscious level.

Now, if each of the individuals would own their power drives, particularly the infantile power drives, and strip away all of this goodness, and realize the consequences of their actions…Anybody who wants to take world peace on, when an individual sees chaos and violence and wants to immediately make peace, it means they must be getting close to their own unconscious chaos and violence, and it gets projected into the world.

The key is how do you come to terms with those forces within your own nature, not in the world. That is why I keep talking about backyard work. If you get seduced into the arena of the world movements, you have to acknowledge there’s an inflation going on – the key is to let go of that, just stay in your own backyard and do the work there – otherwise you are an unconscious pawn in a collective mystery.”

W. Brugh Joy, MD, author “Avalanche” and “Joy’s Way.”


One response to “Dr. Brugh Joy on the Illusion of World Peace

  1. jamie February 22, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    that’s the deal…work in your own back yard…thxs Jon


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