Shedding Light in the Darkness

Feeling Peaceful is a Choice – By Michael Brown


“It is obvious right now to anyone not living with their head in the sand that we are currently experiencing an escalation in all levels of our human experience. Each day, somewhere in the world, there is another earthquake, flood, mining disaster, political expose, financial crisis, public revelation of some form of unethical behavior, and massing civil unrest. Whole countries are splitting at the seams and resorting to violent retribution.

If we examine our immediate environment closely we shall witness the evidence of this shake-up right within our midst. What is happening upon the macrocosm of the world’s stage is also manifesting as the content of the conversation upon everyone’s tongues. Conflict and chaos in one form or another is now on the rise. Great change is afoot.

It is crucial right now to therefore to pay homage to an experience which appears to be taking a back seat while all of this unfolds: Peacefulness. Right now there is nothing more important than our daily remembering that the experience of peacefulness is a personally accomplished responsibility – not a right handed to us by any political, economic, social, or religious organization. The experience of peacefulness is always first encountered as a personally felt state, and only once personally felt, is it then radiated as a collective experience. Authentically felt-peace emanates only from within.

One of the greatest deceptions we play upon ourselves, individually and collectively, is our putting forward the notion that, ‘we need to make peace’. Have you noticed that nothing we have done throughout our entire documented human history in an attempt to ‘make peace’ has ever worked? This is because the very idea that ‘peace is something that can be made’, whether by war, discussion, debate, agreement, or signing of treatise, is deceptive and therefore misleading.

Any country or organization who claims to have accomplished peace through such means has in time demonstrated that all that was accomplished was ‘temporarily enforced control’, resulting only in people living for a time in quiet desperation and subdued states of passive aggressiveness, before discontentedly rising up again.

This is because peace cannot be ‘made’ – not in The Middle East, South Africa, Indonesia, or anywhere. Peace already exists within the experiential fabric of Creation. The felt-vibration we humans experience as peacefulness was created long before we showed up and will exist long after we have been replaced by another dominant species. The vibration of peace is everywhere. Peace is available even in the midst of war-torn countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and any other region currently enveloped in human conflict.

The absence of conflicted humans from any environment immediately reveals an obvious radiance of felt-peacefulness. Just because conflicted human behavior obscures this resonance does not mean it no longer exists.

We only continually enter behaviors and conversations intended to ‘try to make peace’ because we do not realize what authentic peace is. Because of our current states of physical, mental, and emotional turmoil, we do not realize authentic peacefulness as an experience we only ever feel personally. Instead we assume it to be some arrangement we make happen collectively, by agreement. This is not true. Peacefulness is ours to personally feel in any moment we choose, because it is a resonance that envelopes us wherever we are. However, it is up to us to choose to feel it.

Right now, in this moment, anyone reading this piece of writing may feel peaceful – if it is chosen. It is not an experience that someone has to organize for us through debate, discussion, or agreement. No other group has to be subdued or relocated for us to be able to feel peaceful. Such notions are ongoing detractions from the authentic realization of peacefulness. We do not have to make peace with anyone – we have to become aware of it as a feeling within our own heart, and then choose to occupy this awareness, no matter what.

Peacefulness is a quiet, calm, chosen, felt-condition, resonating within the individual heart. When we are able to awaken and enter each day remembering to choose to feel peaceful – even if only for parts of our day – then we are serving humanity by maintaining the clear light of sanity in the world when the masses are completely losing sight of it.

You are welcome to walk this day in peacefulness. Peacefulness is a gift of God’s Will to all, not the outcome of any human declaration. Its felt-resonance is a personal choice of the heart, not a political right accomplished through any organization.

Peace is available as an experience within you and me, right now. It is ours to choose. It always will be experienced only by choice.”

By Michael Brown, author of the essential book “The Presence Process”


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