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Warlike Behavior Isn’t Necessarily Preprogramed in Humans

Discover magazine has published a fascinating article on human remains from prehistoric Japan which challenges the idea that engaging in warfare is deeply embedded in human nature. Read more of this post

Clueless Chinese Officials Think They Can Control Dalai Lama’s Future Reincarnation


The Chinese government might be powerful, but they are completely clueless in believing they can control the reincarnation of Tibet’s Dalai Lama. Zhu Weiqun, chairman of the ethnic and religious affairs committee to China’s parliament, makes absurd statements that his government is resolved to decide on the reincarnation of “living Buddhas, so as to ensure victory over the anti-separatist struggle.” Read more of this post

Vaccination Doc Pulled From Tribeca Film Fest

autismdeclineA controversial film about a possible link between autism and vaccinations has been pulled from Robert De Niro’s Tribeca film festival, after the actor consulted “the scientific community” and found “concerns with certain things in this film.” The father of an autistic child and co-founder of the festival, De Niro at first defended the decision to premiere “Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe.” Read more of this post

Voter Suppression in Arizona


CNN reports Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that it “is a disgrace” that some Arizona voters waited in line for five hours to vote because of too few polling stations. “In the United States of America, democracy is the foundation of our way of life, and what happened in Arizona is a disgrace.” Read more of this post

U.S. Plans to Spend $1 Trillion on New Nukes


From Bill Moyers web site – Isn’t it rather odd that America’s largest single public expenditure scheduled for the coming decades has received no attention in the 2015-2016 presidential debates? The expenditure is for a 30-year program to “modernize” the US nuclear arsenal and production facilities. Read more of this post

Zika Virus Controversy – Is it a Scam?

zika-againWe’ve known about the Zika virus since at least 1947, when researchers funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, who were studying yellow fever, identified the virus after a fever developed in a rhesus monkey placed on a wooden platform on his recently constructed tower. Blood samples revealed an unknown virus that, as protocol dictated, was named Zika after the forest in which it was first identified. Read more of this post

Alarming Study Linking HPV Vacccine to Abnormalities Censored


A peer-reviewed article published online on January 9, 2016 in the journal Vaccine regarding a study linking the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) Gardasil to behavioral abnormalities has been removed by the publication’s editor, Gregory Poland, MD of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It was withdrawn because, “methodology is seriously flawed, and the claims that the article makes are unjustified.” The study, “Behavioral abnormalities in young female mice following administration of aluminum adjuvants and the humanpapillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil,” had  concluded that both injections of aluminum and the Gardasil vaccine resulted in behavioral and cognitive abnormalities in mice, and  suggested putting a curb on mass programs to immunize girls against the cancer-causing virus.

Study co-author, neuroscientist Chris Shaw, PhD of the University of British Columbia, Canada said, “It was peer reviewed, it was accepted with revisions, and it was posted to the website, so all of a sudden we’re not quite sure why they have decided to go back and look at it again.”

Dr. Poland has disclosed that he is chairman of the safety-evaluation committee for Merck’s investigational vaccine trials, and does consulting for the company.

“It is pretty hard to ignore the subject of the article (Gardasil) and Dr. Poland’s ties to Merck,” Shaw said.

According to an article by the National Post, the study’s lead author, internationally known immunologist Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD of Tel-Aviv University in Israel, has accused Dr. Poland of allowing a conflict of interest with Gardasil manufacturer Merck & Co. to influence his decision to remove the paper from Vaccine. 

“This reflects an unusually unorthodox and unprofessional conduct from the journal and seems to be part of a pharmaceutical industry push-back to any critique of the Gardasil vaccine. To simply retract a paper which reports a result that one does not like makes a mockery of the whole review process.”

Journal permanently spikes Canadian co-authored study critical of HPV vaccine

Berlin 1927 – Echoes of the Past Today

Saalschlacht zwischen Angehörigen des Reichsbanners und Kommunisten

Here’s an extract of a Nazi gathering in 1927 which kind of reminds me of events unfolding today. The following account of the brawl in the Pharus Beer Hall illustrates the aggressive and confrontational political “style” of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) and SA (Storm Troopers). Located in the working-class neighborhood of Wedding in Berlin, Pharus Hall was a traditional venue for KPD (German Communist Party) events. The subject of Goebbels’ speech made it clear that he aimed to speak on behalf of a “socialist” workers’ party, which must have been an additional provocation for KPD members. By providing security at party events, the SA intentionally provoked political enemies and employed focused terrorist violence. The ultimate goal of all of this was to seize control of the public arena.

Read more of this post

Sieg Heil at the Chicago Trump Rally


This photo of a Nazi sieg heil saluting white woman at a Trump rally has created a storm.  The man on the left, Michael Garza, later tweeted ” I asked her to leave down the path we cleared for her, for her own safety at that point, this was her response.” Read more of this post

Hillary Can’t Win – By a Chicago Tribune Columnist

bill185After the political skirmishes in Chicago last night the Chicago Tribune ran a interesting column by John Kass on why Hillary can’t win the election. “Hillary Clinton will not be elected president of the United States. Why? Because she can’t win, that’s why. And the sooner you figure this out, the calmer you will be. Read more of this post