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Sieg Heil at the Chicago Trump Rally


This photo of a Nazi sieg heil saluting white woman at a Trump rally has created a storm.  The man on the left, Michael Garza, later tweeted ” I asked her to leave down the path we cleared for her, for her own safety at that point, this was her response.” Trump’s son tweeted and then deleted the false allegation – that the woman with a Trump T-shirt on, was in fact a planted Sanders supporter. “She runs Bernie Sander’s women for Bernie site. It’s all staged.”

Even right wing actor James Woods got into it – “So called Nazi is a Bernie Sanders agitator.” The rumor circulated by Trump supporters on social media, claimed the woman, Portia Boulger, was a former Hillary Clinton supporter and current Bernie Sanders activist from Chillicothe, Ohio. On Facebook Boulger’s friend posted she was not in Chicago, but in her home town.

In fact, according to The Chicago Tribune, the “Nazi” woman is Birgitt Peterson, of Yorkville, Illinois. Peterson explained what happened in The New York Times.

She and her husband, Don, had attended the rally to check out the candidate in person. “The Republican Party needs to be broken up, and I believe Donald Trump is the one to do it,” Ms. Peterson said.

After the rally was canceled, the Petersons found themselves in the middle of a group of protesters, some of whom they described as “rude.” One  was holding a poster with a picture of Adolf Hitler on it.

Ms. Peterson, who was born in West Berlin in 1946 and became an American citizen in 1982, said she took offense to the comparison of Mr. Trump to Hitler. “They said Trump is a second Hitler,” Ms. Peterson said. “I said do you know what that sign stands for? Do you know who Hitler really was?”

“I make the point that they are demonstrating something they had no knowledge about,” she said. “If you want to do it right, you do it right. You don’t know what you are doing.” That is when she made the Nazi salute — a gesture that is banned in Germany — as a form of counterprotest. But that is all it was, she said.

“Absolutely I’m not a Nazi, no,” she said. “I’m not one of those.”

Here’s Portia…


One response to “Sieg Heil at the Chicago Trump Rally

  1. Claude Robichaux March 13, 2016 at 2:21 am

    She’s got that salute down solid and she’s sporting more Drumpf souvenirs on her person than a family of six at Disneyland accumulates in a week, just checking out “the candidate” my ass. The woman is deliriously stupid no matter her bullshit explanations. The bearded kid’s face (and incredulous expression) speaks volumes to the fact that he’s dealing with a nutjob. Life magazine would have made this their cover, it’s that profound.


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