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Shocking News From Sweden


In November 2014, a 17-year-old Somali immigrant brutally raped a 12-year-old girl in Sundsvall, Sweden. He was found guilty of child rape in June 2015. His sentence?  180 hours of community service. Following a public outcry, the prosecutor said the verdict did not surprise her. “There is nothing shocking or surprising.”

The ruling from the district court stated that he repeatedly punched her in the face and held his hand over her mouth during the rape. According to the court he also kept repeating the words “black d*ck is expensive” over and over while raping the girl.

Despite the fact that child rape carries a minimum sentence of two years in prison, the court decided to let “Muhamed” get away with 180 hours of community service with probation, arguing that he was not yet 18 at the time of the crime and had had “some trouble with anxiety as well as sleeping problem.”

Prosecutor Christina Edlund said that the verdict was in accordance with Swedish regulations concerning young offenders.

Since getting a slap on the wrist for rape, the perpetrators family has continued the abuse. Now 13, the girl told local Swedish paper Sundsvalls Tidning about her most recent ordeal. Two brothers of the rapist go to her school, from which she has had to be withdrawn. Five or six times she has been attacked by the men and their friends in public, at the local shops and around the neighbourhood.

The most serious attack took place on March 24th, when she was discovered at a bus stop by the brothers. One of them pushed her down, while the other punched her in the mouth. Upon seeing the mother of the boys approaching, she told the paper: “I thought she would stop them. But she kicked me”.

The young girl was admitted to hospital with a head injury and two loose teeth. The police have been notified. Now she says “I dare not go outside”, because friends of her rapist will telephone the brothers if they see her in town.

Her younger brothers have also been exposed to the Somali family’s harassments. Windows have also been broken in the apartment where she lives. The social services have now offered the family to move to a foster home or hostels. The girls dad says that the violence continues despite the fact that the most active of the Somali brothers have a restraining order, and is therefor not allowed to contact the 13-year-old girl. “She needs her rights”, the father told Sundsvalls Tidning.

Sweden has the second highest occurrence of reported rapes. The only country with a higher incident of reported rapes is the tiny African nation of Botswana.

In 2013, six teenage Muslim boys, aged 15 to 17, were convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl in a north-western suburb of Stockholm. The teens took turns raping the girl. Five of the teens were found guilty of aggravated rape by the Solna District Court, with the sixth guilty of attempted aggravated rape. Five of the boys were sentenced to over 100 hours of community service each.

In Stockholm there was an average of five rapes reported per day, with the largest increases being found in children under 15.

Police in the Swedish city of Östersund recently advised women not to go outdoors alone following a string of public assaults and sex attacks. According to national broadcaster SVT: Police said there had been six reports of attacks since February 20, including a 10-year-old girl who was molested at a bus station in the centre of the city. On February 26, a woman was beaten by three men, one of whom was arrested. On Saturday night there was one incident of attempted rape and another of assault. In that incident, police said a lone assailant walked up to the woman and “hit her in the face with a closed fist”. The attacker, described only as “foreign”, then flung the woman down and pressed her head to the ground, before disappearing from the scene, according to the police report.

A poll conducted by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet found nearly half of all women in the country are now scared to exercise alone at night. According to the survey, 46 per cent of women aged over 16 felt either “very” or “somewhat” unsafe when they are alone in the dark, compared with 20 per cent of men. Almost one third said if they were caught by sunset, that they would rather stay at a friend’s house than try to get home alone.

Swedish economist Tino Sanandaji reporting on the impact of immigration said: “In the short run you will continue to see shocking headlines from Sweden. The recent inflow has overloaded the system to a point where we are experiencing a crime wave. And absurd things are happening, things nobody has almost seen before: mass assaults on women by large gangs of men, lots of fighting with knifes or scolding water, murders, acid thrown in faces of women, rapes, abuse of minors, rapes of young boys… Headline after headline of horrific stuff.”

He continued: “Swedes always like to say that “we don’t want it like the United States”; I joked it’s almost becoming too late for that, now the best Sweden can hope for is “we don’t want it like the Game of Thrones”. The inability of the European leadership to deal with the crisis is at once surreal and fascinating, almost like witnessing a Donald Duck version of the fall of the Roman Empire in real time.”


One response to “Shocking News From Sweden

  1. Claude Robichaux April 7, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    Extremely shocking, incredibly heartbreaking and frustrating.
    Here’s a link of a Swedish citizen’s insightful take on the horrific situation … ( ) (:00 ~ what the statistics say, 8:16 ~ rape in relation to culture, 12:53 ~ what can be done), it’s a great listen.


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