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More Bizarre News – The Jesus Shot


A doctor in Edmond, Oklahoma, has become notorious for injecting patients across Oklahoma with a mysterious formula called the “Jesus shot.” It’s administered by Dr. John Michael Lonergan, a former federal prison inmate who was convicted of tax evasion, mail fraud and healthcare fraud in Ohio. The “Jesus shot” is described as an injection that takes away pain for life. It costs $300. Its ingredients include Dexamethasone, Kenalog and B12.

One patient told a local TV station: “It is a ‘Jesus Shot’ for me. I feel so good. I don’t care what’s in the shot.”

A comment by a local resident on Facebook wondered: “There is a guy in my town of going by the name Dr. Mike. He claims that he is a Former Special Forces Dr and him and another Special Forces Dr developed a serum for the military called Jesus Juice and it has been used in the military for years and it cures any ailment.”

The Jesus Shot has got a Texas’ agriculture commissioner, Sid Miller, in hot water.  He charged a trip to Oklahoma for the shot to his state commission credit card – which is illegal

According to The Guardian, last year a Miller campaign Facebook page shared a post that appears to advocate using nuclear warfare on “the Muslim world”. His first press conference as commissioner in January 2014 was held to trumpet the reversal of a longstanding ban on sugary and fatty foods in Texas public schools – a rule, he said, “that sounds like something from the Obama administration”.

After his election he spent $55,00 redecorating his office with western themed furniture and décor – including and a life-size cutout of John Wayne in the back of the room.

His famous quotes include: “I sleep pretty well, but I do have some long-range concerns as I hold those two grandbabies on my lap, and I happen to wonder: When they have grandbabies to hold in their lap, will we be a socialist country? Will we be a Muslim country?”



One response to “More Bizarre News – The Jesus Shot

  1. Claude Robichaux April 14, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Sounds legit …. (*snickers*)


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