Shedding Light in the Darkness

Conscious TV – A Treasure Trove of Spiritual Wisdom

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Some friends in the UK, Roxi (Ian) and Renate, run a wonderful web site,, as a resource for those seeking spiritual insight. They interview different teachers and authors and post videos and transcripts. “Our quest is to stimulate debate, question, enquire, inform, enlighten, encourage and inspire people in the areas of Consciousness, Science, Non-Duality and Spirituality,” they say. “We launched in Spring 2008 and since then have made over 400 programs.” Here’s a few extracts from their interviews:

A.H. Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach – “The Karmapa is one of the leading figures in Tibetan Buddhism. He does what’s called the Black Hat Ceremony where he transmits the teachings of his lineage. He is the head of the Mahamudra lineage and he does an initiation where he transmits that state. So I went to his transmission. That was the early ‘70s and I got a headache. Many people had clarity and light. I had a headache for several years. It reminded me of Krishnamurti who had headaches for many years at the beginning. I had a headache and I went from one person to another – doctors, and I went to yogis, a Hindu yogi who said, “Oh, this is just some kind of gas” and he gave it some name. When I talked to the Rinpoche I knew, he taught me, “This is light.” And I didn’t know exactly what it meant. But in time, when I started working psychologically on what is this? Like an obstruction in the head. At some point there was like – even when doing the meditation – things like something flowed down, descended. And it was light, but it wasn’t light the way people know it. More like liquid light. And I felt it as my presence. That is my being. Presence. And that was the discovery of presence.”

Byron Katie, author of “The Work” – “Fear you can really sum it up with: you are afraid you are going to loose what you have, what you have is threatened, or you are not going to get what you want.  That implies that what we have, or don’t have… a simpler way of saying it is that I have everything I need in every moment, but that is too limited; I have more than I need in every moment.  I have tested that one and I am very open to something different but in almost 30 years, no exception.

“Fear, it happens anytime you project the future, even a nano second ahead.  So OK, I’m going to die, these bars have convinced this mind.  It’s over.  So it’s over, there is no decision, no fear; when the mind knows it is over… it rests. No identity to keep alive or that you can hold on to. When the mind looses its ability to project, in other words to create the illusion of a future, it looses the ability to project.  It is over!  That is the end of fear and that space, it is huge, because mind is infinite source and it is free to meet itself with understanding that is unlimited, it is so beautiful.”

Mooji, author of “Before I Am” – “Self-enquiry is like looking into a mirror to see what you have been overlooking. The simplicity of pure being somehow gets eclipsed by our fascination with our conditioning, thoughts, imagination and projections – which amounts to what I call distraction. Self-inquiry exposes what is not true, the personal identity, and in dispelling what is not true, what is unquestionably true – the Self – is revealed in that instant.”

Tony Parsons, author “The Open Secret” – “Unconditional love embraces everything: tyranny, ugliness, discomfort. After liberation, discomfort still happens, you know – it isn’t suddenly walking in Elysium fields in absolute heaven. There’s nobody walking – it’s just what happens. And that can include pain, discomfort, all those things happen. So there aren’t any rules. You can’t say that liberation is about what we think of as goodness. After liberation there’s no ‘me’, therefore there’s no stickiness – that’s one way I put it. There’s just life and there’s nothing getting in the way or identifying.”

Sandra Maitri, an authority on the Enneagram, author “The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues,” and a teacher of the Diamond work “The Enneagram is a system of nine different personality types, and the basic principle is that as our personality, or our ego structure develops in early childhood, that it develops based on nine different takes on reality that are impressions on our consciousness, and those particular takes, or understandings, or fundamental beliefs about reality, in turn kind of mushroom into a whole character type.

“The whole theory is that our ego structure or personality structure develops as a result of loss of contact with spiritual reality, ground of being, true nature, whatever one wants to call it, the Divine, and that loss happens in early childhood, usually in the first four years.  And that each of the nine types develops a core belief about the nature of reality and therefore the nature of oneself as a result of that loss. Each of the types is based on a fundamental distortion or delusion about reality. That creates all sorts of suffering for each of the types and very particular kinds of suffering.

“The Personality Type 9 is basically the principle of going to sleep on one’s ultimate nature. The whole style that develops is based on going to sleep on oneself. Turning away from oneself, getting preoccupied, getting busy with what is going on outside and not paying attention to oneself.  The potential is reclaiming who we really are.”


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