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More Election Fraud?


Interesting timing that AP calls Clinton the Democrat nominee one day before California and after a weekend with claims of election fraud in Puerto Rico.  In a decision that is  reminiscent of problems seen in Arizona, polling locations in Puerto Rico were reduced from 1,510 to 432, seven days before the election. The 2008 Democratic primary in Puerto Rico had 2,306 polling places serving 384,758 voters.

On primary day only about 360 were operational and polling hours were only from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. local time. Some locations reported long lines for up to 3 hours and some people passing out from standing in line in the heat for so long. In the town of Isabela, with a population of 45,000, there was only one open polling place.

The announced results were 64% for Clinton. Whatever the results, how can one explain that allegedly only 60,000 people voted in the 2016 Democratic primary when more than 384,000 voted in 2008.

There were also local primaries with DIFFERENT polling stations on the same day. Voters had to stay in a line at a first polling place, and then take a transportation to go to a second polling place that could be pretty far away and stay again in line.

The problems began when prison inmates were voting and workers faced strange “irregularities.” The Bernie Sanders officials could never get certified, said Betsy Franceschini, Sanders’ Hispanic vote director. She said they submitted all their officials in time, but none were certified while all of Clinton’s were. “Attorney Manny Suárez had to go in order for us to be let in. This is a great fraud.”

An estimated 7,000 ballots were cast by inmatesmeaning around 12% of the votes come from prisoners and the Sanders campaign had to formally complain because they could not verify the voting process in these prisons. There are reports that the Los Ñetas prison organization threatened to kill any inmates who vote for Sanders.

Kenneth D. McClintock is the National Committeeman for the Puerto Rico Democratic Party tweeted – (rough translation): “If you want Puerto Rico to have the great honor, 1.) Find your closest Democratic polling place; 2.) Go out and vote for Hillary Clinton.

In previous tweets, he retweeted statuses from other people saying that Sanders had never done anything for Puerto Rico, had no chance of winning the nomination, and others shouldn’t be fooled by his “siren song.”

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  1. Bruce Duncan June 8, 2016 at 7:49 am

    Thank you for this article.


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