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High Levels of Glyphosate Pesticide in Popular Food Products


A study led by Food Democracy Now has found high levels of the pesticide glyphosate in many of America’s most popular food products. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, is the most heavily used chemical weedkiller in food and agricultural production in human history.

New scientific evidence shows that probable harm to human health could begin at ultra-low levels of glyphosate e.g. 0.1 parts per billions (ppb). Popular foods tested for glyphosate measured between 289.47 ppb and at levels as high as 1,125.3 ppb.

The testing and analysis was performed by Anresco Laboratories, San Francisco, an FDA registered laboratory that has performed expert food safety testing since 1943. The laboratory found that well-known products tested for glyphosate, Original Cheerios, for example, measured levels as high as 1,125.3 ppb. Other high levels of glyphosate were found in familiar products such as Oreos, Doritos, and Ritz Crackers, among 29 foods tested. Whole Foods 365 Organic Golden Round Crackers had 119.ppb.

In March, a German study by the Heinrich Böll Foundation discovered that glyphosate residues were recorded in 99.6% of the 2,009 people monitored by the study. The most significant values were found in children aged from zero to nine and adolescents aged 10 to 19, particularly those individuals raised on farms. The study analysed glyphosate residue in urine and concluded that 75% of the target group displayed levels that were five times higher than the legal limit of drinking water.

““Everyone eating the western diet of food grown, sprayed and desiccated with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide can expect to find its active ingredient glyphosate in their body,” Anthony Samsel, Union of Concerned Scientists.

“Glyphosate was significantly higher in the urine of humans who didn’t eat organic food,” Dr. Monika Krüger of the University of Leipzig in Germany. “Chronically ill humans showed significantly higher glyphosate residues in urine than in the healthy population.”


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