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The Maui Independent Debuts on the Web

alika-atay-Native Wisdom: Water Protector Alika Atay on the Power of We the People. Alika Atay was the lead plaintiff in the SHAKA Movement’s federal lawsuit over the invalidation of Maui’s successful GMO Moratorium initiative in 2014. This Maui Independent In Their Own Words features the barrel-chested, deep-voiced leader known to many Native Hawai’ians as “Uncle Alika.” His words are from interviews conducted during the past year by journalist Jonathan Greenberg.

From Standing Rock to Maui: Protect Our Water
“I stand to protect our drinking water. We are very similar to our brothers and sisters in the Dakotas fighting to protect the Missouri River because Ola Ka Wai: Water is life.

ʻĀina Protectors United is like-minded people who have been raised under the values of Aloha ʻĀina (love of the land). Everything we do has a connection to the earth and our resources. Given our responsibility under Aloha ʻĀina, we must stand up and protect.
I am speaking for the land, for the water, for the children. We all have a responsibility to stand up for future generations. The importance of native water rights and the ʻĀina Protectors movement is to allow those of us who are of the ʻĀina to understand that this is our indigenous right that we are born with.


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