Shedding Light in the Darkness

Dinosaurs Went Extinct After They Left the Ark & Other Mad Ideas

evolcg4f843193896e6“God made the earth and every kind of creature in a single week just 6,000 years ago,” suggests creationist scientist Dr. Andrew Snelling. He goes on: “Later, because the earth was filled with evil, the Lord destroyed it in a worldwide Flood, and all the land creatures died. We can see reminders of this mass destruction everywhere. Yet God in His mercy preserved representatives of every kind of air-breathing land creature on Noah’s Ark.”

In his quest to disagree with every reputable geologist/scientist about the age of the earth, Snelling has just won a legal battle against the Grand Canyon authorities for refusing to allow him to collect 50 to 60 rocks so he could prove his creationist theories. Research in the 1.84-billion-year-old landmark is restricted, especially if it involves removing material. He claimed denying the right to collect rocks constituted discrimination of his religious beliefs.

Snelling’s legal complaint made reference to a May 4, 2017, executive order by President Trump that promises protection of religious freedoms from “undue interference by the federal government.”

Snelling argues: “The Bible reveals that God has uniquely intervened in history at key moments, which look unlike anything we see today, especially creation and the worldwide Flood of Noah’s day. Thus, for example, the so-called Jurassic Period was not a past world of animals and plants that existed 150 million years ago. It never was observed. Instead, the Jurassic layers (which we do observe today) contain a unique combination of fossils swept up by the Flood and deposited in unique layers.

What does he say about the universe and our solar system? – “God’s eyewitness Genesis account of creation clearly tells us that the earth was created on Day One, and the rest of the solar system was made on Day Four. It is also possible that God created all the matter of the universe at the beginning of Day One. He then used part of it to fashion the earth on that same day, and reserved the rest to fashion the remainder of the universe on Day Four… 6,000 years ago.”

“Skeptics denounce me as a fraud. They point to supposed scientific evidence that “proved” it had taken millions of years for slow geologic processes to deposit the fossil-bearing rock layers. I know without a doubt that the global Flood cataclysm really did occur—because God’s Word says it did!

And for another laugh, Snelling on dinosaurs – “Dinosaurs went extinct after they left the ark. After the flood, we had the Ice Age. We had a radically different world. Some creatures weren’t able to adapt. But most cultures in the world have some legend about dragons, and these dragons are actually a good description of dinosaurs. The Chinese, for example, their dragons are depicted on scrolls pulling the chariots of emperors. And there was a story called Beowulf in which the king slays a dragon, and this happened in Norway.”


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