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Right Around the Corner – Synthetic Meat

memphiskq4fkjk1d7otspom4sqzBloomberg reports that Cargill Inc., one of the largest global agricultural companies, has joined Bill Gates and Richard Branson in company that makes meat from self-producing animal cells. Memphis Meats, which produces beef, chicken and duck directly from animal cells without raising and slaughtering livestock or poultry, raised $17 million from investors.

“I believe that in 30 years or so we will no longer need to kill any animals and that all meat will either be clean or plant-based, taste the same and also be much healthier for everyone,” billionaire Branson said in a statement.

“The world loves to eat meat, and it is core to many of our cultures and traditions,” Uma Valeti, co-founder and chief executive officer of Memphis Meats, said in the statement. “The way conventional meat is produced today creates challenges for the environment, animal welfare and human health. These are problems that everyone wants to solve.”

Memphis Meats has said its process uses about 1% of the land and 10% of the water needed for conventional animal agriculture. “With our home-base in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re combining the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley and the rich food traditions of the American south to provide a better meat and world.”

Memphis Meats has yet to commercialize a product but has produced beef, chicken, and duck from animal cells. The company grows meat in tanks by feeding oxygen, sugar, and other nutrients to living animal cells.

Bill Gates has also invested in Impossible Foods which makes a meatless burger. And Tyson Foods has invested in the alternative sector, backing plant-based meat company Beyond Meat.

2 responses to “Right Around the Corner – Synthetic Meat

  1. Annie August 24, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Soylent Green!


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