Shedding Light in the Darkness

Say What? Chicken Industry’s Bizarre View of Millennials

chickenhODlmLTRjNDJmZmJlZDg1ZgThis not a joke. Here is an extract from a real (not fake) article on the WATTAgNet web site about how to coax millennials into eating more chicken, taken from the Chicken Marketing Summit talk in North Carolina in July, by expert Richard Kottmeyer. First off – Millennials find science-based information suspect. “If you only approach these consumers with science-based information they will believe the poultry producer is trying to hide something,” said Kottmeyer.

It gets even more bizarre. Kottmeyer said nine out of 10 millennial women have taken and distributed nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves. “If your brand isn’t naked, it isn’t going to last very long,” he said.

And finally. Millennials struggle with self-identity. “No judgment being made, but there are 58 ways to gender identify now on Facebook,” Kottmeyer said. “What this means is the millennial generation is trying to find themselves. If an individual feels lost, they don’t know what to believe other than to follow the trend. Poultry and other meat producers must create that trend.”

The solution – “The best thing a producer can have on their side is a soulful brand that stands for something and allows the millennial to relate to the company.”

Of course the decline in sales of chicken to millennials has nothing to do with the toxic, horrendous environment that most chickens are raised in or the fact that they’re spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

According to a Guardian article – By 2050, antibiotic resistance will cost the world $100 trillion and will cause a staggering 10 million deaths per year.

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