Shedding Light in the Darkness

Toxic Chemical Veggie Soup

veggiesThe UK Soil Association reports that the number of toxic chemicals found in onions, leeks, wheat and potatoes has been steadily increasing since the 1960s.  Speaking at a UK Royal Society of Medicine conference on pesticides, scientists warned that consuming tiny amounts of many different chemicals on a regular basis could be harmful to human health.

Prof Anne Marie Vinggaard, of the National Food Institute, said: “Chemicals can have a mixture effect. They may have no effect by themselves but when mixed have a pronounced mixture effect. We are not just exposed to pesticides. We are exposed to a lot of chemicals acting together and we must take account of this cocktail effect affecting the same target audience that the pesticides are.”

Onions and leeks have seen the biggest rise in toxic chemicals applied to them with the number rising 17 fold from 1.8 in 1966 to 32.6 in 2015, the data showed. Back in 1974 less than two chemicals were applied to an average wheat crop, a figure which rose more than ten fold to 20.7 in 2014.

And potato crops are now sprayed with five times more chemicals than they were in 1975 with the number rising from 5.3 to 30.8 in 2014.

The chief scientific adviser to the UK Government recently warned that the assumption by regulators around the world that it is safe to use pesticides at industrial scales across landscapes is false. Dr Michael Antoniou, head of the gene expression and therapy research group at King’s College London, added: “All this evidence shows that you should minimise your exposure to pesticides. The only way to guarantee that, is by eating organically.”

“A long term study of roundup in rats found that the lowest dosage, that was 75,000 times below the recommended dose of glyphosate [the common crop weed killer] had Anatomical Level toxicity leading to fatty tissue liver disease.”


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