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Newsweek Magazine’s Devious Attack on Organic Food by a GMO Lobbyist

Screen-Shot-2018-01-23-at-11.40.40-AMNewsweek recently published “The campaign for organic food is a deceitful, expensive scam.” So first of shame on Newsweek for publishing such blatant propaganda. Extracts to come later. Now as to the author of this hit piece, Henry I Miller. Miller has a long history of arguing for deregulation of hazardous products.  He has claimed nicotine “is not particularly bad for you,” argued that low levels of radiation may be beneficial to health, and has repeatedly called for the re-introduction of the insecticide DDT.

A regular contributor to Forbes, in August 2017, Forbes deleted all columns authored or co-authored by Miller in the wake of revelations that Monsanto ghostwrote a column that Miller published under his own name in Forbes.

The New York Times reported: “Documents show that Henry I. Miller asked Monsanto to draft an article for him that largely mirrored one that appeared under his name on Forbes’s website in 2015. Forbes removed the story from its website on Wednesday and said that it ended its relationship with Mr. Miller amid the revelations.”

In 2011, after the Japanese tsunami and radiation leaks at the Fukushima nuclear power plants, Miller argued in Forbes that “those … who were exposed to low levels of radiation could have actually benefitted from it.” Miller has also defended the use of widely-criticized neonicotinoid pesticides and claimed in the Wall Street Journal that “the reality is that honeybee populations are not declining.”

Miller’s previous attacks on the organic food industry include “The Colossal Hoax of Organic Agriculture” (Forbes), “Organic Farming is Not Sustainable” (Wall Street Journal) and “The Dirty Truth About Organic Produce” (Newsweek).

Now comes his latest shrill piece in Newsweek – “The campaign for organic food is a deceitful, expensive scam.” In which Miller makes the absurd claim that organic farming is “actually more harmful to the environment” than conventional agriculture. He basically spends most of the article attacking the organic food industry for their opposition to GMO crops.

“Funding from the organic and natural products industries enables activists to foment spurious health, safety, and environmental fears about the agricultural products and production techniques used to grow non-organic foods, especially those made with modern molecular genetic engineering techniques.”

He quotes a pro-GMO scientist from the CropLife Foundation which is funded by the agrochemical industry – arguing organic farms produce way less crops than conventional framers.

“As genetic engineering’s successes continue to emerge, the gap between the methods of modern, high-tech agriculture and organic agriculture will become a chasm, and organic will be increasingly unable to compete,” he writes.

He even attacks the federal government’s USDA for promoting organic methods. “It is an active collaborator in providing misinformation to unsuspecting consumers.”

The US Right to Know website also points out that Miller’s article tries discredit the work of New York Times’ reporter Danny Hakim, without disclosing that it was Hakim who exposed Miller’s Monsanto ghostwriting scandal.

Hakim discovered that “genetic modification in the United States and Canada has not accelerated increases in crop yields or led to an overall reduction in the use of chemical pesticides,” as the GMO industry claims.


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