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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Electroshock Therapy Still Legal for Kids in the US

shock1483582062079A Massachusetts judge just ruled that a school in the state – the Judge Rotenberg Centre – can continue to use electroshock therapy on their special needs students. Judge Katherine Fields said the practice is an “accepted standard of care.” It is the only school in the United States that still allows this barbaric practice. Read more of this post

And Now for Something Completely Different

hedge1bzpR0VjV6PYmgR2QA topiarist in England has complained that drunks keep having sex with his ornate “privet lady” hedge. Designer and silversmith Keith Tyssen, 84, has been carefully cultivating the hedge in the shape of a Greek goddess for more than 30 years at his Sheffield home. Read more of this post

Why is Hawaii’s Senator Brian Schatz Pushing the 5G Scam?


Why is Hawaii’s Senator Brian Schatz pushing the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act, that is designed to speed the deployment of 5G networks? The 5G network will require equipment to be placed, on average, about 500 feet apart to work effectively within municipalities. Much of the equipment will be on streetlights or utility poles, often accompanied by containers the size of refrigerators on the ground. Read more of this post

Cell Phones, Radiation & Teenage Brains

cell060908Smartphone radiation could be destroying the memory performance of a new generation of adolescents, a new Swiss study has warned. Cumulative exposure to mobile devices over the course of a year negatively affects the figural memory of adolescents, scientists found. Read more of this post

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Vaccines

Vaccine-Safety-Testing“Late last year, Slate published an investigative report detailing how pharmaceutical giant, Merck, used “flawed” and “unreliable” pre-licensing safety studies to push through approval of its multi-billion-dollar bonanza, the HPV vaccine,” writes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “For veteran safe vaccine advocates, like myself, the most shocking aspect of the expose was that Slate published it at all.” Read more of this post

U.S. Government Opposes Mothers Breastfeeding

lullaby-trust-breast-feeding-imageA shocking new report in the New York Times suggests the United States government tried to defeat a resolution by the World Health Organization in Geneva to encourage breastfeeding around the world. The intensity of the administration’s opposition to the breast-feeding resolution stunned public health officials and foreign diplomats, the Times reported. Read more of this post

Curcumin Dramatically Improves Memory & Mood

Turmeric+by+Steven+Jackson_midDaily consumption of curcumin — the substance that gives Indian curry its bright color — improved memory and mood in people with mild, age-related memory loss, according to the results of a study conducted by UCLA researchers. Read more of this post