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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Eating Organic Food Means Less Pesticides Study, But Not So According to Forbes


This is how the media can spin some news. Living Maxwell reported:  In a just-released, peer-reviewed study, four families across the country were fed both an organic and non-organic diet, and the ones who ate all organic saw their pesticide load drop by as much as 95%. Led by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, four families from cities around the U.S. — Atlanta, Baltimore, Oakland and Minneapolis — were fed both an organic and non-organic diet, each for six days. Read more of this post

Looming Censorship on Facebook -Targeting Those Questioning Vaccination Safety


First The Guardian and now Business Insider is warning that Facebook may remove, reduce, and demote anti-vaccination content on the platform in an effort to combat the spread of false information. The social network also said it could decide to demote anti-vaccination content from Facebook search results too. This may even include closed Facebook groups. Read more of this post