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The Looming Threat of 5G in Hawai’i

5g36898678-wideEver since the launch of the early cell phone systems, the telecom industry has assured consumers that they are safe. While a few maverick scientists wondered if exposure to radiofrequency radiation from cell phones could cause cancer, government agencies charged with overseeing our health, have consistently supported the industry’s position.

Funded by the cell phone industry, the results of the first major studies, run by epidemiologist George Carlo, shocked top officials. In a closed-door meeting in 1999, Carlo reported there was a link between the phones and brain tumors. The information was suppressed.

Now we face an even bigger threat with the rollout of the next generation of mobile phones, known as 5G (for fifth generation), with likely dire consequences for the planet.

Last year Gov. David Ige signed a bill allowing the deployment of next-generation wireless broadband infrastructure in Hawaii. Currently Honolulu has 5G infrastructure installed in two locations. There are presently no 5G installations on Maui. It is predicted we’ll see 5G on Maui within five years.

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The Looming Threat of 5G in Hawai’i

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