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We Can’t Trust Cell Phone Manufacturers on Radiation

mobile-phone-cell-smart-towers-dangerousA new study by the Chicago Tribune reveals popular smart phones, including the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 emit more radiation than US regulators have deemed safe. While US regulators set maximums for the amount of radiation the devices can emit, tests found phones exceeding those limits.

Radiation shot even further above what Apple reported to regulators was possible for the iPhone 7 – according to its own tests – and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now investigating.

The Chicago Tribune tested 11 models by Apple, Motorola and Blu and Samsung smart phone at two different distances – five millimeters and two millimeters away – from material that mimics human tissues.

The FCC requires manufacturers to test phones at anywhere from five to 15 millimeters from the test ‘body. The Chicago Tribune also tested the phones at two millimeters, to simulate the distance the devices would be if they were in a pocket.

From a pocket, the iPhone 7 emitted between two and four times more radiation than FCC guidelines allow. The Galaxy S8 hit five times the legal limit.

“This strongly suggests that the (FCC) testing protocol is not adequate,” reported Dr Joel Moskowitz of the Environmental Working Group.

The Tribune’s testing represents one of the most comprehensive independent investigations of its kind, and the results raise questions about whether cellphones always meet safety standards set up to protect the public.

Apple officials declined to be interviewed. In a statement Samsung reported: “Samsung devices sold in the United States comply with FCC regulations.”

The FCC  announced this month that the existing radiation standard sufficiently protects the public and should remain in place.

Dr Joel Moskowitz notes: “I have no faith in either the FDA or the FCC,” adding federal testing methods didn’t address the anatomy of children and that of other vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women. “It was like one-size-fits-all.” Plus, he said, “I don’t think anyone anticipated the smartphone and how it would become so integral to our lives.”


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