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China Coronavirus: Update on 1/29/2020

bottlemage-m-20_15802940354691. The latest clinical report on 2019-nCoV: 99 patients from Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital published in the medical journal Lancet shows a mortality rate of 11%. “That was much higher than expected,” Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, public health scientist at Harvard. “I’ll be honest – as an epidemiologist, I’m really deeply worried about this new coronavirus outbreak.”

From Lancet: “We observed a greater number of men than women in the 99 cases of 2019-nCoV infection. MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV have also been found to infect more males than females. The reduced susceptibility of females to viral infections could be attributed to the protection from X chromosome and sex hormones, which play
an important role in innate and adaptive immunity. Additionally, about half of patients infected by 2019-nCoV had chronic underlying diseases, mainly cardiovascular
and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes. 31 of 99 were discharged, 17% had Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a rapidly progressive disease occurring in critically ill patients. The 11% died of multiple organ failure.

2. New York Times – The police clashed on Tuesday with residents of a village in the coastal province of Fujian after it was revealed that the government planned to convert a factory into a quarantine site for patients with the coronavirus. Residents’ fears and anger over the proposed site spilled into the street. In videos villagers are seen blocking a road and throwing wooden stools at police officers, who marched through the town in riot gear. An ambulance carrying a suspected victim was attacked. A video shooter said in Fuzhou dialect “Traffic police beat people, traffic police killed people” Anger and frustration drove people crazy to fight.

3. In Hong Kong on Sunday, protesters threw Molotov cocktails in to the lobby of an unoccupied public housing project that had been proposed as a quarantine area.

4. NYT – Price gauging – A drugstore in Beijing has been fined more than $400,000 by the government for charging customers roughly six times what the masks are being sold for online. State-run media said that the store was charging customers 850 yuan, or $122, for the masks.

5. Russia’s border with China remains closed to cars and pedestrians until further notice due to coronavirus, train services to be limited to the Moscow-Beijing route.


6. Airlines cancelled flights to China – British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, American Airlines (Shanghai and Beijing) on 2/9, Air India (Shanghai).

7. On average, 230,000 Chinese visit the US every month. From the start of the epidemic to now, it’s estimated almost half a million have entered the US.

8. A seafood market in Wuhan had been identified as the source, but the first clinical cases published in The Lancet on Friday challenges that hypothesis. The paper, written by a large group of Chinese researchers from several institutions, offers details about the first 41 hospitalized patients who had confirmed infections with what has been dubbed 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). In the earliest case, the patient became ill on 1 December 2019 and had no reported link to the seafood market, the authors report. “No epidemiological link was found between the first patient and later cases,” they state Their data also show that, in total, 13 of the 41 cases had no link to the marketplace. Infection must have occurred in November 2019 for the earliest reported patient with onset of symptoms on Dec. 1.

9.Dr. Daniel Lucey, infectious diseases physician and professor at Georgetown University Medical Center: “If in fact the virus was silently spreading unrecognized amidst other types of pneumonia in Wuhan, in the absence of a specific diagnostic test, for several months before its discovery in early January 2020, then the virus was already present across parts of Wuhan and other places in Hubei province, other parts of China, and even in limited numbers to some other countries. Thus, China could not have instituted earlier control measures against an undiscovered virus.”

10. Based in New York, Shanghai-born Jennifer Zeng has been posting info and videos from inside China on twitter. “The sign beside the door says “This family just came back from #Wuhan. Keep away from them.” “Now you need an official pass to go out shopping during #coronavirus panic. This was issued by village committee of Wenqiao Village in Anhui Province. A villager was given 40 minutes to go out shopping. If he didn’t return on time, he would be quarantined for 14 days. “One crematorium cremated over 20 bodies per day, gov. still covering up.”

11.Virus found in foreigners in China for the first time – Coronavirus infection in five foreigners has been confirmed in China for the first time. There are two Australians, one Pakistani and two Hong Kong residents, according to Chen Zhusheng, vice-chief of the Guangdong Province Health Department in South China.

12. The Epoch Times, January 29, 2020 (The Epoch Times is associated with Falun Gong spiritual group, and very anti-communist). Xiao Ruoyuan , a well-known commentator on current affairs in Hong Kong, pointed out that the severity of the epidemic was comparable to the largest nuclear explosion in Chernobyl in history and could have killed millions of people across the country.

It is estimated that the number of patients infected in Wuhan in April will reach its peak. The following month, May, reached its peak in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, that is, the number of patients infected daily will reach 200,000.

“This is equivalent to the Soviet Chernobyl accident,” Xiao Ruoyuan commented. Xiao Ruoyuan said that he had received news that when the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China met on the first day of the first year, the senior officials of the Communist Party already felt that the epidemic would challenge the legitimacy of the Communist Party’s law enforcement, that is, the stage of losing the party.

“Everyone is questioning: Why is this happening? You know, India and Africa have never seen this. This Ebola virus Only infected more than 20,000 people, they were controlled, and they were immediately suppressed.”


13. Xie Yanyi, a well-known human rights lawyer in China, said, “This disaster is a real human disaster,” and angrily accused the government of concealing the truth and inaction of the epidemic as a “serious crime.”

14. On Jan. 25 a doctor at Union Medical College, disclosed to China News Weekly that in order to cover up the truth about the infection of 14 medical staff, the medical staff were not allowed to disclose the truth of the epidemic to the outside world. “The railway authorities did not allow subway employees to wear masks,” for fear of causing panic.

15. China’s national women’s soccer team has been quarantined in a Brisbane hotel until February 5 amid coronavirus fears. The team is in Australia to play in an Olympic qualifying tournament, which had originally been due to be staged in Wuhan in China.

16. Coronavirus cases in China jumped to 7183 confirmed cases with 170 deaths on 1/29. Chinese media outlet @initiumnews interviewed people working at local cremation centers, confirming that many dead bodies were sent directly from the hospitals to the cremation centers… without properly identifying these patients, which means there are patients who died from the virus but not adding to the official record.

17. Dr. Gabriel Leung, chair professor of public health medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong – People need to be prepared for the outbreak to become a global epidemic, though it is “not a certainty by any stretch of the imagination…we must prepare better for it.” The number of cases could peak between mid-May and mid-April in major cities. “Population quarantine may not be able to substantially change the course of the epidemic in the other major city clusters.”

Q: Do you advise WHO to declare global emergency?
Dr. GL: I am not an expert in this declaration but am sure the WHO can take reference from emerging scientific findings “all coming to
similar conclusions.”

18. Five million people left Wuhan before China quarantined the city to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

how to wear mask

19. Professor Yuen Kwok-yung, chair of infectious diseases at the University of Hong Kong, revealed that his team was working on the vaccine and had isolated the previously unknown virus from the city’s first imported case. “We have already produced the vaccine, but it will take a long time to test on animals,” Yuen said, without giving a specific time frame on when it would be ready for patients. He said it would take months to test the vaccine on animals and at least another year to conduct clinical trials on humans before it was fit for use.

20 First UK cases? – A mother and daughter from Newport Wales are being tested for the coronavirus after returning from China on Monday. The mother, 32, and daughter, four, came back from China on Monday morning after visiting Zhengzhou for Chinese New Year. They cut short their holiday following concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. At around 5am today, a family source said the mother – who had been suffering from flu like symptoms – woke up struggling to breathe. She was then taken, alongside her daughter, by police escort for testing. The father, who is showing no symptoms, has been placed under house quarantine.

21. The Telegraph UK – London is at greater risk of coronavirus than any other city in Europe, researchers have calculated, and warned cases are likely to emerge in the coming weeks. With cases of the virus now reported in at least 15 countries, experts from the University of Southampton mapped the travel of people from 18 infected cities in China – including Wuhan – over a three-month period around Chinese New Year in 2018. They found that one in 100 people leaving the most dangerous cities in China eventually went to London. The British capital is the only European city to enter the world’s top 20 most ‘at-risk’ cities, ranking at number 19. Paris was 27th on the list, and Frankfurt was 30th.


22. China President Xi Jinping announced:  “The virus is a devil and we cannot let the devil hide. China will strengthen international cooperation and welcomes the WHO participation in virus prevention …China is confident of winning the battle against the virus.”

23. From World Health Organization chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – WHO deeply regrets the error in this week’s situation report, which inserted the word “moderate” inaccurately in the #coronavirus global risk assessment. This was a human error in preparing the report. I have repeatedly stated the high risk of the outbreak.

24. Two days ago Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said he was happy with China’s efforts to contain the outbreak after visiting with politicians in Beijing. Tedros said he does not advocate the evacuation of foreign nationals currently in China. He urged the world to stay calm.”

25. From our commander in chief – Just received a briefing on the Coronavirus in China from all of our GREAT agencies, who are also working closely with China. We will continue to monitor the ongoing developments. We have the best experts anywhere in the world, and they are on top of it 24/7!

26. Meanwhile at the CDC – While CDC considers this is a very serious public health threat, based on current information, the immediate health risk from 2019-nCoV to the general American public is considered low at this time.

27. Virus map –

28. Published advice from the India government –

“The whole world is going through the fear of this Corona Virus, the Research Councils under the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India have issued advisory based on the Indian traditional medicine practices Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani.”

As per the Ayurverdic Practices the following Preventive Management Steps are suggested.

Drink Shadang Paniya (Musta, Parpat, Usheer, Chandan,Udeechya & Nagar) processed water (10 gm powder boiled in 1-liter water, until it reduces to half). Store it in a bottle and drink it when thirsty.

Prophylactic Measures/Immunomodulatory drugs as per the Ayurvedic practices.

Measures shall be taken to strengthen the immune system through a healthy diet and lifestyle practices. Agastya Harityaki 5 gm, twice a day with warm water. Samshamani Vati 500 mg twice a day. Trikatu(Pippali, Marich & Shunthi) powder 5 gm and Tulasi 3-5 leaves (boiled in 1-litre water, until it reduces to ½ liter and keeps it in a bottle) keep taking it in sips as and when required. Pratimarsa Nasya: Instill two drops of Anu taila/Sesame oil in each nostril daily in the morning.


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