Shedding Light in the Darkness

The Brave New World of Surveillance 5G Street Lights

maxresdefaultLast year the Signify company unveiled the perfect surveillance street light of future – a column bristling with high technology capabilities including Wi-Fi, 5G connectivity and Internet of Things sensors. A must for every budding dictator.

The BrightSites smart pole ‘turbocharges cities’ smart city infrastructure’ says the company, boasting strong WiFi for local residents and concealed integrated antennas for both 4G and 5G services. It also accommodates a wide variety of IoT sensors and cameras offering environmental monitoring and enhanced security options such as incident detection.

Some of the plug-in features BrightSites smart poles offer include: display screens which can offer important emergency messaging as well as act as a revenue generator as targeted advertising boards. This changes street lighting from being a municipal cost liability to a potential revenue-earner because of its ability to host these new services.

As an added bonus – Smart microphones equipped with advanced pattern recognition which can be triggered by noises associated with anti-social behavior such as shouting, car alarms, breaking glass, or even gunshots. They then automatically brighten the light, record audio and alert emergency services.

BrightSites smart poles have already been installed in San Jose and Hospitalet, Spain.

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