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The Pluto Saturn 2020 Conjunction Revisited & New Predictions


An overview of the 2020 Pluto Saturn conjunction was posted in November 2016. It featured various astrologers predictions about what could happen. May 2020 and we’re in the midst of a global nightmare which some expected.

Here’s a summary. Robert Hand – “Saturn-Pluto change is likely to impose some kind of restriction on our freedom of movement or upon our resources.”

Maurice Fernandez – “This cycle is bound to stimulate significant geopolitical dynamics that will affect the distribution of power in many structures on a global scale. We can expect rebellion on both the individual level (people leaving their workplace, reinventing themselves) and the collective level (worldwide protests demanding change). In light of growing separatist sentiment in the US, we may see the secession movement gaining greater momentum.”

Richard Tarnas – The Saturn-Pluto cycle “coincides with especially challenging historical periods marked by a pervasive quality of intense contraction: eras of international crisis and conflict, empowerment of reactionary forces and totalitarian impulses, organized violence and oppression, all sometimes marked by lasting traumatic effects.”

Louis Acker – This Saturn-Pluto conjunction could bring about the demise of important economic, corporate, and political power structures and the downfall and disgrace of those who occupy positions of power in those institutions. Debt burdened major corporations, governments, banks, and other economic institutions could come to a grinding halt signifying the death of the old established political-economic power structure. These power structures could become even more oppressive and tyrannical as they desperately try to remain in control.

Two New Astrologers

Bill Hansen –  Conventional security and current social norms are demolished and transmuted when Saturn joins Pluto. This results in extreme and fanatical elements restructuring society.

The Astro Twins  – The last time Saturn and Pluto’s paths crossed in Capricorn was in January 1518. Just three months prior, in October 1517, German monk Martin Luther released his doctrine 95 Theses, which exposed financial corruption that had been rampant in the Catholic Church. Subsequently, this sparked the massive Protestant Reformation of Christianity. This is an example of the kind of transformation that can emerge when Plutonian secrets are revealed and a new Saturnian system is presented.


Gray CrawfordAt the beginning of September, Mars will station retrograde in range of a catalytic square aspect with Saturn and Pluto, and at the end of September, Saturn will station direct three degrees away from Pluto. As a result, there will likely be numerous polarizing conflicts arising throughout the world.

December 21, 2020: Jupiter and Saturn make a once-in-a-generation Great Conjunction (in Aquarius). This is the first time the conjunction has occurred in Aquarius since January 16, 1405.

 Gray Crawford – When Jupiter and Saturn come together there is both the intensity of old forms dying as well as the fertility of new growth beginning to take shape. 2020 is at the end of a two-hundred-year era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in earth signs. The era of air will bring disruption to established orders and dramatic changes in collective ideas and the way we communicate.

Bill Hansen –  The 2020 election will be bitter and pivotal in the United States. Jupiter stands for the liberal cause and Saturn the conservative. With these two titans joining again after twenty years apart in December 2020 a colossal clash between the two parties will take place.

Juliana McCarthy – Revolution is sparked with this transit. If the world is not matching our hunger for change, then people may hit the streets or revolt against the status quo in even greater numbers, pushing for the shifts we are all consciously and unconsciously craving.

Raymond Merriman – The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, square to Uranus in Taurus. Saturn in Aquarius represents a classic conflict between the old (Saturn) and the new (Aquarius), the traditional (Saturn) versus the radical and modern (Aquarius). These dynamics are further highlighted by Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, which will be in a waning square to Saturn. If one considers Saturn as the “establishment” or “government” whose dictate is to maintain “control,” and Uranus as the “collective” or “populace” representing the urge of the people to pursue freedom, independence, and the value placed upon “individuality,” then the conflict begins to assume a shape that will be challenging. This is a combination that could lead to mass protests and even revolutions against the leadership that is presently in control of the government. It implies a period of great social unrest in which the collective’s demands for change (Uranus and Aquarius) is met with strong resistance from those who do not wish to relinquish their control (Saturn).

Merriman also predicts – Inquisitions and investigations increase early in this period. Greater liberties and rights for individuals via new laws and abolishment of older oppressive laws.

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