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Low-dose penicillin in early life induces long-term changes in behavior

PenicillinIn a landmark study, researchers at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and McMaster University have found that providing clinical (low) doses of penicillin to pregnant mice and their offspring results in long-term behavioral changes. These changes include elevated levels of aggression and lower levels of anxiety, accompanied by characteristic neurochemical changes in the brain and an imbalance in their gut microbes. Giving these mice a lactobacillus strain of bacteria helped to prevent these effects. Read more of this post

Smoking Gun Revealed: Monsanto’s Roundup & Cancer


The agrochemical giant Monsanto has desperately tried to hide research that links Roundup, the world’s most popular pesticide with cancer. Now documents revealed through lawsuits show how a respected EPA scientist’s conclusions that Roundup caused cancer were suppressed by the government agency meant to protect our health. Read more of this post

The Maui Independent Debuts on the Web

alika-atay-Native Wisdom: Water Protector Alika Atay on the Power of We the People. Alika Atay was the lead plaintiff in the SHAKA Movement’s federal lawsuit over the invalidation of Maui’s successful GMO Moratorium initiative in 2014. This Maui Independent In Their Own Words features the barrel-chested, deep-voiced leader known to many Native Hawai’ians as “Uncle Alika.” His words are from interviews conducted during the past year by journalist Jonathan Greenberg. Read more of this post

Hawaii’s Drowning in Pesticides

morihei-ueshiba-formal-portrait“Hawaii is a wonderful place, but all the agricultural chemicals used here are destroying the islands. Try to stop the desecration of your land.” – Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido, during his 1961 visit to Hawaii. Read more of this post

If Climate Change Isn’t Real Why is the Pentagon Concerned About It

Brookes_01_559277cWith President Trump describing climate change as a hoax and gutting budgets that tackle it, it’s a good time to reflect on what Pentagon planners came up with in a 2015 report to Congress. The Defense Department  concluded: Global climate change will aggravate problems such as poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership and weak political institutions that threaten stability in a number of countries, the Defense Department report to Congress concluded. Read more of this post

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho – The Danger of Wireless Technology


Dr. Mae-Wan Ho was an esteemed geneticist and visionary (she died last year) who bucked the establishment by opposing GMOs and contending that pollution from wireless technologies is a major issue of our time. Gaining her Ph.D in Biochemistry in 1967 from Honk Kong University she went on to lecture in the UK at Queen Elizabeth College and the Open University. She co-founded the Institute of Science in Society which campaigned against unethical uses of biotechnology and called for Glyphosate (Roundup) to be banned. This article will address her perspective on the danger of wireless technology. Read more of this post

GMOs & The Superweed Crisis

super4_b3c15e77bd_bIn 2013 the Union of Concerned Scientists released a report on The Rise of Superweeds. “Superweeds are all too real, and they have now spread to over 60 million acres of our farmland, wreaking environmental and economic havoc wherever they go,” the report announced. Read more of this post

In five Years Time One Third of Americans May Not Be Able to Pay Their Water Bills

water-tap-glass-toxic-735-350A study, funded by the National Science Foundation, out of Michigan State University predicts that “the percentage of U.S. households who will find water bills unaffordable could triple from 11.9% to 35.6%” over the next five years. “In cities across the United States, water affordability is becoming an increasingly critical issue,” said Elizabeth Mack, an assistant geography professor who analyzed water consumption, pricing and demographic and socioeconomic data for the study. Read more of this post

Warning About 3D Printers

printer-prints-an-objectA Berkeley, California couple, Roger Morash and Valerie Morash, and their two cats died from poisoning due to the couple’s laser 3D printer, which was ventilating carbon monoxide into their residence. They were found dead by a friend inside their apartment on Monday. Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology are warning users against the potential dangers of 3D printers for home use. When used in industry, the machine’s use of lasers on types of plastics can emit toxic gasses, including carbon monoxide. Read more of this post

Jupiter Opposition Uranus in 2017

jupiter82969eacc24fed6bmv2Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries is a major planetary aspect occurring in late 2016 and for most of 2017. Exact dates26 December 2016, 2 March 2017, and 28 September 2017. Jupiter entered Libra in September last year and departs in October, spending more than a year in the sign of balance. The last time Jupiter transited Libra was from September 2004 to October 2005. Here are some astrologers interpretations of this transit. Read more of this post