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Low-dose penicillin in early life induces long-term changes in behavior

PenicillinIn a landmark study, researchers at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and McMaster University have found that providing clinical (low) doses of penicillin to pregnant mice and their offspring results in long-term behavioral changes. These changes include elevated levels of aggression and lower levels of anxiety, accompanied by characteristic neurochemical changes in the brain and an imbalance in their gut microbes. Giving these mice a lactobacillus strain of bacteria helped to prevent these effects. Read more of this post

Smoking Gun Revealed: Monsanto’s Roundup & Cancer


The agrochemical giant Monsanto has desperately tried to hide research that links Roundup, the world’s most popular pesticide with cancer. Now documents revealed through lawsuits show how a respected EPA scientist’s conclusions that Roundup caused cancer were suppressed by the government agency meant to protect our health. Read more of this post

The Maui Independent Debuts on the Web

alika-atay-Native Wisdom: Water Protector Alika Atay on the Power of We the People. Alika Atay was the lead plaintiff in the SHAKA Movement’s federal lawsuit over the invalidation of Maui’s successful GMO Moratorium initiative in 2014. This Maui Independent In Their Own Words features the barrel-chested, deep-voiced leader known to many Native Hawai’ians as “Uncle Alika.” His words are from interviews conducted during the past year by journalist Jonathan Greenberg. Read more of this post

The W.H.O. Guide to Vocal Vaccine Deniers

screen-shot-2016-08-18-at-4-36-49-pm_origThe European Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO)has published a 50 page guide for officials to publicly respond to what they term “vocal vaccine deniers.” “This guidance document provides basic broad principles for a spokesperson of any health authority on how to respond to vocal vaccine deniers,” it begins. “The suggestions are based on psychological research on persuasion, on research in public health, communication studies and on WHO risk communication guidelines.” Read more of this post

Hawaii’s Drowning in Pesticides

morihei-ueshiba-formal-portrait“Hawaii is a wonderful place, but all the agricultural chemicals used here are destroying the islands. Try to stop the desecration of your land.” – Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido, during his 1961 visit to Hawaii. Read more of this post

European Chemical Agency Says Monsanto’s Glyphosate Not Carcinogenic, While EPA’s New Scientific Advisory Indicates Carcinogenic Potential


A new report by the European Chemical Agency’s Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) has concluded that current scientific evidence does not meet the criteria to classify glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, as a carcinogen, as a mutagen or as toxic for reproduction. The finding is at odds with a new EPA Scientific Advisory Panel on glyphosate which offers there is “suggestive evidence of carcinogenic potential.” Read more of this post

Norwegian Farmed Salmon The World’s Most Toxic Food

Norway_12-038Norwegian farmed salmon suffer extremely unhealthy living conditions and are fed toxic substances – fish from the Baltic Sea contaminated by industrial wastes and Ethoxyquin to preserve the fat in those fish. The accumulation of this makes them “5 times more poisonous than any other food available in a normal supermarket” Read more of this post

More Bad News For Monsanto

Monsanto-spraying-crops-GMOThe New York Times has reported that Monsanto hid evidence that showed concerns about the safety of the pesticide Roundup. A federal court unsealed documents raising questions about its safety and Monsanto’s research practices. The court documents included Monsanto’s internal emails and email traffic between the company and federal regulators, that showed that Monsanto had ghostwritten research that was later attributed to academics and that a senior official at the EPA had worked to quash a review of Roundup’s main ingredient, glyphosate, that was to have been conducted by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Read more of this post

EWG’s Annual Fruit/Veg Pesticide List


Strawberries remain at the top of the Dirty Dozen list of the EWG Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, with spinach jumping to second place in the annual ranking of conventionally grown produce with the most pesticide residues. Read more of this post

Massive Smart Meter Malfunction


Don’t believe the industry hype that electric smart meter are accurate. There are just too many consumer reports of inflated bills and the latest is a whopper. The UK’s Daily Telegraph reports on one energy company’s malfunctioning smart meters charging electricity users as much as £33,000 ($40,580) for a day’s power. Read more of this post