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We Can’t Trust Cell Phone Manufacturers on Radiation

mobile-phone-cell-smart-towers-dangerousA new study by the Chicago Tribune reveals popular smart phones, including the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 emit more radiation than US regulators have deemed safe. While US regulators set maximums for the amount of radiation the devices can emit, tests found phones exceeding those limits. Read more of this post


The Truth About The Chernobly Nuclear Plant Disaster


Remember images of the miracle of nature supposedly flourishing around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine, many years after the devastating release of radiation? And how supposedly few people died or got sick. Well, not surprisingly, it turns out to be a fabrication. Read more of this post

The Hawaii Department of Health Tries to Force Hazardous Ineffective HPV Vaccine on All Public School Children

GARDASIL-9-Package-and-Vial-e1447623675230After a public outcry in 2016 against a bill sponsored by Maui’s Senator Roz Baker to mandate the controversial HPV vaccine for Hawaii’s children, led to the bill being shelved, the state’s Department of Health (DOH) is now attempting to force the vaccine on school kids. Read more of this post

Hawaii Took The Lead In Calling For A Ban on Chlorpyrifos & Now It’s National


A federal appeals court ruled on Thursday that the Trump administration endangered public health by keeping the widely used pesticide chlorpyrifos on the market despite extensive scientific evidence that even tiny levels of exposure can harm babies’ brains. Read more of this post

Why Pesticides Could Be Even More Toxic – Adjuvants

how-roundup-worksWriting in Frontiers in Public Health, Dr Robin Mesnage from King’s College London, suggests new regulations are needed to protect people and the environment from toxic pesticide ingredients that are not currently subject to safety assessments. With Dr Michael Antoniou, they published the first comprehensive review of gaps in risk assessments for “adjuvants” –  ingredients added to pesticide formulations to enhance the function or application of the active ingredient. Read more of this post

Another State Wises Up to The Smart Meter Con

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Kentucky’s two largest electric utilities have been denied permission to install smart meters in homes across the state. The Public Service Commission found the utilities failed to show that the costs of smart meter implementation were worth it. The utilities had proposed installing about 1.3 million smart meters over a three-year period at a cost of nearly $350 million. Read more of this post

The 5G Revolt

5g demoA city-sanctioned bid by Verizon to improve wireless connectivity for internet and cellphone users in Santa Rosa, California, ran into opposition from some residents and generated concern among city officials after the first round of “small-cell” antennas went up on utility poles. Read more of this post

The Most Important Next Discovery In All of Medicine – Adult Disease Will Be Linked to Epigenetic Origins

pesticide-poisoning-B20170309090906“What we are learning is that virtually every adult disease we have is going to be linked to epigenetic origins,” says pediatrician Dr. Paul Winchester, who conducted a study that linked the pesticide atrazine in drinking water with birth defects. Read more of this post

Electroshock Therapy Still Legal for Kids in the US

shock1483582062079A Massachusetts judge just ruled that a school in the state – the Judge Rotenberg Centre – can continue to use electroshock therapy on their special needs students. Judge Katherine Fields said the practice is an “accepted standard of care.” It is the only school in the United States that still allows this barbaric practice. Read more of this post

Why is Hawaii’s Senator Brian Schatz Pushing the 5G Scam?


Why is Hawaii’s Senator Brian Schatz pushing the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act, that is designed to speed the deployment of 5G networks? The 5G network will require equipment to be placed, on average, about 500 feet apart to work effectively within municipalities. Much of the equipment will be on streetlights or utility poles, often accompanied by containers the size of refrigerators on the ground. Read more of this post