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Life’s Lessons


Anybody Can Become Liberated

“Anybody can become liberated, at any moment. But this is because you are already liberated. If you were not liberated, you would never be able to become liberated.
“But because you’re already liberated, all you’re really doing is taking off the stuff that makes you think you’re not liberated, dark clouds, the layers and layers of nonsense, garbage, that you covered yourself with all of these years. The thought “I am important, I am somebody”. This is what keeps you in bondage.” ~ Robert Adams

Michael Franti – Shining Light in the Gloom


Few artists today seem able to depict contemporary events in their songs while cushioning gloom with a ray of hope. For years Michael Franti  has been on kind of a mission to decry injustice and provide palliative uplift. “It’s Good to be Alive Today,” from his latest “Soulrocker” album is a prime example of this gifted artist’s approach. Read more of this post

Carlos Santana on Loving Maui & A Prescription for Fear

santana“You have to have a supreme karma to live on Maui, or even to visit it,” says Carlos Santana. “There are people who may never even see Maui in this lifetime. It’s like I’m replenishing when I come to Maui or the islands. I feel like I’m sucking up all kinds of glorious energy. There’s something extremely divine.” Read more of this post

More Amazing Encounters with Neem Karoli Baba


A devotee of Maharajji tells this encounter – In 1935 I was on vacation from school and went to Dakshineshwar on a religious pilgrimage. When I reached the place where there were many Shiva temples, a man appeared before me whom I had not noticed to be there before.

“My son,” the man said, “You are a Brahmin? I shall give you a mantra.”

“I will not take it,” I said, “I do not believe in it.”

“You must take it,” he insisted and so I relented.

Thereafter I faithfully recited the mantra daily. Read more of this post

John Oliver & Dalai Lama Upset China


The Jakarta Post reports that “Last Week Tonight” show host John Oliver’s interview with the Dalai Lama pissed off China. China’s foreign ministry said the exiled Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader had appeared “deceptive” on the HBO show where he criticized some Chinese leaders as small minded and mocked Beijing’s portrayal of him as “a demon.” Read more of this post

Maui’s Mayor Upsets Hawaiian Cultural Practitioners

iao5_608513018d_bMaui’s Mayor Alan Arakawa is in hot water after announcing that “there’s no such thing as sacred rocks.” He was referencing concerns about the destruction of rocks considered sacred in Iao Valley as part of flood repairs. Read more of this post

Mysterious Genius of Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan


“An equation for me has no meaning, unless it represents a thought of God.”

Having barely passed high school math I had passed on watching the 2015 movie “The Man Who Knew Infinity,” about an Indian mathematician who had studied at Cambridge University. Until last night, and I was transfixed. Don’t let the academic subject matter put you off. It’s a wonderful film about a remarkable man who reported that the goddess Namagiri (a form of Lakshmi, goddess of fortune) would sometimes appear to him in dreams and reveal complex math formulas that are still being unraveled today. Read more of this post

The Science of Reincarnation


“For those who remember their past lives, rebirth is a clear experience. However, most ordinary beings forget their past lives as they go through the process of death, intermediate state and rebirth. The person who reincarnates has sole legitimate authority over where and how he or she takes rebirth.” – The Dalai Lama, Dharamsala, Sept. 24, 2011 Read more of this post

Jupiter Opposition Uranus in 2017

jupiter82969eacc24fed6bmv2Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries is a major planetary aspect occurring in late 2016 and for most of 2017. Exact dates26 December 2016, 2 March 2017, and 28 September 2017. Jupiter entered Libra in September last year and departs in October, spending more than a year in the sign of balance. The last time Jupiter transited Libra was from September 2004 to October 2005. Here are some astrologers interpretations of this transit. Read more of this post