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FDA Coverup of Glyphosate Detected in Food

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US government scientists have detected the weedkiller glyphosate linked to cancer in an array of commonly consumed foods, emails obtained through a freedom of information request show. The Guardian reports that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been testing food samples for residues of glyphosate for two years, but has not yet released any official results. Read more of this post

The Dark Side of Hawaii


I’m sharing a FB post by one our senators, Russell Rudderman, about a horrible injustice happening right now in Hawaii.

Yesterday at 10:43am I spoke on the senate floor about my friend, Share Christie:“Last Friday, on 4/20 or Hemp Day, I mentioned my friend Share Christie, serving several years in Honolulu Federal Detention Center. I realize federal prison is not our kuleana, but I need to tell you about her, otherwise no one will know.

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The European Union Bans Bee-Harming Neonicotinoids

beesThe European Union will ban the world’s most widely used insecticides from all fields due to the serious danger they pose to bees. The ban will begin by the end of 2018 Read more of this post

LED Lights Could Give You Cancer


The Daily Telegraph reports that the new generation of street lights in the UK  dramatically increases rates of breast and prostate cancer, according to a new study. Scientists have warned officials to consider limiting the roll-out of LED (light-emitting diode) lights after an investigation indicated a “strong link” between the technology and the disease.

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The Great Vaccine Debate – Too Many?

vaccmaxresdefault“The problem responsible scientists are faced with right now is that the evidence is accumulating that the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule is not scientifically-based,” writes award-winning science journalist Jennifer Margulis. “The medical doctors, academic researchers, citizen scientists, and concerned parents who are taking the time to read the science and educate themselves about what we know and what we don’t about vaccines are all coming to the same conclusion: something is very wrong with today’s childhood vaccine recommendations. Our current medical recommendations seem to be harming children’s bodies and their brains. Read more of this post

Smart Meters Not Cost Effective – Rejected in New Mexico


The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission unanimously rejected the Public Service Company of New Mexico’s proposal to install smart meters, citing rate increases, an excessive opt-out fee and layoffs as deal breakers. Read more of this post

5G Roll Out Could Be More Harmful Than Initially Imagined

5GcelltowerDr Devra Davis, Director of the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the U.S. National Research Council – “Israeli research studies presented at an international conference reveal that the same electromagnetic frequencies used for crowd control weapons form the foundation of the latest network – branded as 5G – that will tie together more than 50 billion devices as part of the Internet of Things.” Read more of this post

When a Mob of Seagulls Destroyed a Hotel Room

Seagull_2Just read one of the funniest stories ever in The New York Times about seagulls destroying a hotel room in British Columbia when Nick Burchill left a suitcase filled with pepperoni in his room next to an open window and about 40 sea gulls invaded the room, drawn by the smell of the meat. Read more of this post