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Feeling Peaceful is a Choice – By Michael Brown


“It is obvious right now to anyone not living with their head in the sand that we are currently experiencing an escalation in all levels of our human experience. Each day, somewhere in the world, there is another earthquake, flood, mining disaster, political expose, financial crisis, public revelation of some form of unethical behavior, and massing civil unrest. Whole countries are splitting at the seams and resorting to violent retribution. Read more of this post

Fukushima Disaster Continues to Worsen


Former nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen just visited Fukushima. In an interview with Fairewinds he reports, “the devastation is just awful. In front yards, you’ll see dozens of bags and each bag weighs a ton – filled with dirt. There’s 30 million bags weighing 30 million tons, of radioactive dirt and radioactive tree leaves and everything.” Read more of this post

France Calls For Ban on Glysophate


France’s minister of ecology, sustainable development and energy, has called for a ban on glysophate mixed with certain adjuvants (additives) due to its perceived risks to human health. Ségolène Royal alled for ANSES—France’s food, environment and health agency—to withdraw authorizations on herbicides containing glyphosate mixed with the adjuvant tallow amine, according to Le Monde. Read more of this post

Why We Need to Wake Up to the Danger of Smart Meters


On February 6th, Jeromy Johnson, an expert in mitigating the negative impacts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure, was featured as a speaker at the TEDxBerkeley event with a “Wireless Wake-Up Call” presentation. Johnson has an advanced degree in Civil Engineering and has worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years. He became what medical doctors call “Electro-hypersensitive” (EHS) in 2011 after extensive exposure to EMF radiation. Read more of this post

China’s Government Says No to Weird Buildings


China’s State Council announced new guidelines on urban planning which will forbid the construction of “bizarre” and “odd-shaped” buildings that are devoid of character or cultural heritage. The directive calls for buildings that are “economic, green and beautiful.” In 2014, President Xi Jinping called for less ostentatious buildings in China’s skylines, according to state media.  Read more of this post

An Exciting Vision of Future Architecture – Hyperions in India

hyperionsInnovative Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has collaborated with Indian agroecologist Amlankusum to create an exciting vision of the future – vertical eco-neighborhoods called Hyperions. “My name is Amlankusum. I’m a 45-year old Hindu agroecologist. For the past five years, I’ve lived with my family in the heart of a plus-energy, vertical eco-neighborhood called Hyperions producing more energy than it consumes.” Read more of this post

Dr. Brugh Joy on the Illusion of World Peace


“Seeking world peace is not about peace, it is power and control all under the guise of service to humanity. I think we are just very naive talking about peace – we don’t want to be threatened by chaos, by change, by uncertainties, and yet it is in those things that we have the greatest development. Read more of this post

Brilliant Opinion Piece on Bernie Sanders


By Prof. Cornel West in the Boston Globe

The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders is unique in American history. Never before has there been such a popular upsurge within the two-party system, led by a democratic socialist rooted in the best of the prophetic Jewish culture. This historic campaign is more than a monumental battle over the soul of the Democratic Party. It is, more significantly, a moral and spiritual awakening of fellow citizens — especially young and old ones — for the rebirth of American democracy. Read more of this post

GMO Crops Safe Say Bunch of Scientists

Keep-Calm-and-Dont-be-Afraid-of-GMOs-MonsantoA bunch of scientists have signed a new petition in support of GMO technology. They write: “Genetic modification is a long-standing method used by breeders and plant scientists to improve agricultural products. Nevertheless, a growing number of companies are moving towards excluding GMOs in their products. That some restaurants and retailers would leverage a minority opinion against GM products, in the face of overwhelming credible scientific evidence that indicates their safety, is irresponsible.” Read more of this post

The Truth about Aerotoxic Syndrome Aviation Industry’s “Dirty Little Secret”

mask_plane660German aviation journalist Tim van Beveren has produced an investigative documentary about cabin air contamination and the “Aerotoxic Syndrome”. Aviation industry insiders call it the industry’s “dirty little secret.” Van Beveren investigated the causes that led to the death of former British Airways pilot Robert Westgate who died in December 2012 in a hotel near Amsterdam at the age of just 43 years. Read more of this post