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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Ram Dass Introduced So Many to Divine Wisdom


(From an interview I conducted with RD when he was on Maui in 2002)  – First published in 1971 Ram Dass’s best-selling book “Be Here Now” introduced millions of Westerners to Eastern religion and philosophy. A prominent Harvard psychology professor, then known as Richard Alpert, Ram Dass had dropped his former identity after a life-altering meeting with a guru in India a few years earlier.  Read more of this post

Gene Editing Tech Threatens Nature

hand-holding-globe-900x300We’ve all grown up with the existential threat of nuclear annihilation and more recently the ominous impact of climate change. Now we might be facing a new doomsday scenario: alarmingly unregulated gene-editing technology with the potential to radically and permanently alter the natural world.

“We’re looking at the replacement of nature,” warns Jeffrey Smith, one of the world’s leading environmental activists. “Instead of passing on to future generations what we inherited, the products of billions of year of evolution, we’ll pass on to future generations the products of laboratory experiments that are prone to side effects. And there’s no technology to clean up a gene pool once it is contaminated. That’s a formula for catastrophe.” Read more of this post

Stealing Public Water Sources

sbnf_nestle-signs_fb-600x600The Swiss company Nestlé has been reaping in billions by bottling public water it pays nothing or almost nothing for. It’s dominated the industry by going into economically depressed areas with lax water laws. Read more of this post