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Future Predictions -When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020


On January 12, 2020, Saturn will conjunct Pluto at 22° Capricorn. Many astrologers are noting that a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn can be transformative in the extreme, even potentially very destructive.

Astrologer Maurice Fernandez (published in the Dec 2015 edition of The Mountain Astrologer) “The Saturn–Pluto cycle occurs roughly every 33 to 38 years, varying according to Pluto’s highly elliptical orbit. This meeting of forces represents, among other things, the redistribution of power in the world or, in other words, which faction will make the decisions that affect the greater collective, whether this occurs in plain sight or behind the scenes.

“From a spiritual perspective, this cycle reflects a rite of passage determining who is most qualified to be the custodian of resources, and thus regulates who will be in a position of influence. In its purest form, this cycle is one of the highest tests of integrity and morality for those in authority, along with a test of capacity and resilience. Beyond the management of power, this cycle is also about the skill to increase power and the value of resources.

“Looking back at previous cycles, we can see that a Saturn–Pluto conjunction occurred in October 1914, around the outbreak of World War I; this global conflict certainly reshuffled power dynamics by dissolving the Russian monarchy, the Ottoman Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which led to the redrawing of national borders within Europe.

1921 – 1923: Saturn square Pluto – the emergence of fascism and totalitarianism in Europe (Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler). 1939-1941 – Saturn/Pluto square occurred during World War 2.

“Saturn–Pluto conjunction in 1947 saw the division between India and Pakistan and their establishment as individual. In the Middle East, Israel gained independence from the British in 1948, creating an incredibly complex power dynamic in the region.

“The following cycle of 1982 marked a time of economic recession in the world, with the highest rate of unemployment in the U.S. since the Great Depression. It also marked the escalation of the Cold War during the Reagan years, later leading to the collapse of the Soviet bloc. Soon after the conjunction, in January 1983, the Kilauea volcano erupted in Hawaii; it has become the longest-lasting volcanic eruption, and is still flowing.

“On January 12, 2020, Saturn conjoins Pluto at 22° Capricorn for a single, and dramatic, pass. We can expect this cycle to have an exceptionally powerful effect, from the year leading up to the conjunction and approximately two years following it. This cycle is bound to stimulate significant geopolitical dynamics that will affect the distribution of power in many structures on a global scale. Angular aspects between Saturn and Pluto are also known to reflect natural disasters, particularly seismic and volcanic activity.

“At worst, with Mars in Aries retrograding later in 2020 and squaring the Saturn–Pluto conjunction, serious political conflicts and even a global war are possible.

“We can expect rebellion on both the individual level (people leaving their workplace, reinventing themselves) and the collective level (worldwide protests demanding change). In light of growing separatist sentiment in the US, we may see the secession movement gaining greater momentum.”

Astrologer Robert Hand (his influential books include Planets in Composite, Planets in Transit, Planets in Youth) – “Pluto is about power, but not just any kind of power. It is the power of the transformations that result as things come into being and pass away. The planet Saturn is not usually considered a force for change. It is often seen as resisting change – as being conservative, stubborn, even reactionary. These are qualities of Saturn, to be sure, but that is not the complete story. Saturn has to do with our experience of what underlies all order and structure.

“The Saturn-Pluto combination represents crises that come about as the normal, lawful, and predictable manifestations of Saturn are challenged by the need for deep and fundamental changes in the system, which are indicated by Pluto. Saturn-Pluto change is likely to impose some kind of restriction on our freedom of movement or upon our resources.”

Richard Tarnas (a professor of philosophy and depth psychology) in his important book “Cosmos and Psyche” suggests that the Saturn-Pluto cycle “coincides with especially challenging historical periods marked by a pervasive quality of intense contraction: eras of international crisis and conflict, empowerment of reactionary forces and totalitarian impulses, organized violence and oppression, all sometimes marked by lasting traumatic effects.”

He notes how the Saturn–Pluto conjunction of 1785 to 1788 precipitated the bloody French Revolution, and how Saturn–Pluto alignments are “periods of widespread conservative, reactionary or repressive empowerment.”

He also notes they tend to be times of genocide. Back during the 410-412 conjunction the Roman Empire experienced the most intense period of barbarian invasions. Rome was sacked in August 410, when the planets were exactly 2° from alignment (the same exact 2° from alignment happened on the 9/11 attack on the US).

Writing on the impact of the 1982 conjunction and a connection with the AIDS crisis – “An important characteristic set of Saturn-Pluto themes emerged in the collective psyche in the widespread rise in fundamentalist interpretations and moralistic judgments on the epidemic of God’s righteous punishment of sin.”

This phenomenon he says closely resembled the emergence of widspread views in medieval Europe when the bubonic plague was seen as the result of God’s wrath during the Saturn–Pluto conjunction of 1380-1340. And it was seen again during the conjunction when 9/11/2001 happened and Christian fundamentalists said it was God’s punishment for moral corruption.

“The positive potential of the Saturn-Pluto archetypal complex is usually inextricably intertwined with confronting its negative manifestations—great courage in the face of darkness, danger, and death; sustained effort and determination, intense focus and discipline; moral discernment and wisdom born from experience and suffering.”

(A note on orbs (intensity) of influence. Tarnas employs a wide range from 15° to 20° while some astrologers suggest a tighter range of influence between planets of a few degrees).

Astrologer Louis Acker – The negative side of Saturn-Pluto is about as bad as it gets as it signifies planned, organized, and purposeful criminality, tyranny, and evil at the highest level. The Saturn-Pluto combination is associated with the worst abuse of power and corruption. This influence will reach its peak in 2020 when Saturn is actually conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Conjunctions, squares, and oppositions of Saturn and Pluto generally coincide with very negative and disruptive occurrences such as the beginning of WW2 and 9/11.

This Saturn-Pluto conjunction could bring about the demise of important economic, corporate, and political power structures and the downfall and disgrace of those who occupy positions of power in those institutions. Debt burdened major corporations, governments, banks, and other economic institutions could come to a grinding halt signifying the death of the old established political-economic power structure. These power structures could become even more oppressive and tyrannical as they desperately try to remain in control.


19 responses to “Future Predictions -When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

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  2. generationnext July 13, 2017 at 6:28 am

    What a horrible time for me to be experiencing my Saturn return! Ugh! Life will be miserable. Saturn Return, a Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 3rd. I might lose all my sanity.


    • Sorrell December 14, 2017 at 4:47 pm

      Saturn conjunct pluto in the third can also gift to you a potentially prophetic voice and/ or such a voice to your siblings. A truth telling borne of harsh experiences endured.
      The only kind of voice that can heal the deep woundings of our unbalanced disorder.

      Being a messenger of truth is tough.
      Safe journey through this coming stormy astrological weather.

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    • Kathleen Burt December 18, 2017 at 3:20 am

      What they don’t say is that by the time of the 2020 election in the US–around your Saturn Return?—jupiter will join Saturn and Pluto in the Conjunction. Intuition will provide a path through the rest of it. And they don”t mention the Sign it’s happening in–Virgo. A ,Mutable Sign, less brittle and more flexible than in earlier periods of history when Saturn and Pluto aligned. The working man is likely to come out ahead, and the dictators be replaced. It looks as if the nationailst and racist trends will be shorter in length this time around.

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    • Tess December 19, 2017 at 6:53 am

      Please!!! We really would have state emergency. Good Grief!!! Until it happens and its only predictions. We cannot control the world, and only ourselves. I will not worry to much over this and also change is good and sometimes, its hard, but in the end result its worthy. Enjoy your return and I am sure its going to be great. Life will not be miserable, and only if you allowed it to be. Go for those goals, and reach for the stars, and life is journey, and enjoy it.

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    • Lea Kennedy February 26, 2018 at 5:41 am

      I love Saturn returns. They can be very helpful. Saturn is there to show us how to build strong foundations so they survive the test of time. Welcome his as a Wise teacher there to help and you may find it’s much more enjoyable than everyone says. That has been my experience at least and trust me, I know what hard times are. Saturn is a gift if handled correctly. Best to you.

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  3. Alison M. Gunn, Ph.D. August 12, 2017 at 8:30 am

    In an otherwise interesting and helpful article, there is the fact that 2001 did not see a conjunction but an opposition of Saturn and Pluto, Sag/Gemini.


  4. katjohn42 August 15, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Interesting that this will more or less coincide with the implementation of Brexit and the end of Trump’s (first …?) term in office. Unsettling times. I’d be interested in any thoughts on the relevance of the sign that the conjunction takes place in – will Saturn, ruler of the 10th house, be the dominating influence since it is in its own sign? I notice that the Sun and Mercury are also very tightly involved in the Capricorn conjunction, and that Mercury will have just slipped out of bounds. Jupiter although not conjunct is also in Capricorn, forming part of the stellium – I wonder whether Jupiter on the periphery will amplify, or perhaps counter-balance, or even challenge the conjunction.


    • B James August 30, 2017 at 6:38 pm

      To katjohn, it will mean a strain on any transnational organisation and on our own government power structure. We have to believe it will be beneficial because for too long politicans have taken our belief in them for granted. Not any more. So they will hit back: new “hate” laws, surveillance laws, identification passes, watching your computer, bank accounts, PIN chips, etc. In the Bible, and other works, it most specifically says the UK will not be part of a federal Europe and will act as a safe haven when the Elite try to force their plans on the Continent. The Lightworkers are trying hard to minimise the pains this rebirthing of our natural independence as human beings requires, but they are tired. I have Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn so I am really hoping it will be positive.


  5. Susan August 30, 2017 at 1:47 am

    The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 at 22 Capricorn trines the 22 Taurus conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in May of 2000, beginning a a new 20 year business cycle. The struggle of Saturn (restrictions) and Jupiter (expansion). The meaning of that new cycle was of survival, what are your talents? What do you need to survive? Another installment on the same storyline. The 20 year cycle of Saturn and Jupiter ends in 2020 also. The torch will be passed.


  6. zazie November 11, 2017 at 7:31 pm

    Hi, this is quite interesting also because it will exactly hit my natal moon at 21 50 of capricorn. I am trying to figure out what will it mean for me who i am already experiencing a wind of change with my chiron return (i am 52) and uranus square moon (last summer). My moon also conjuncts valentine in eighth house while chiron is in pisces and in tenth house . I am a mother and in the last fifteen years i have been totally absorbed by my three sons’ growth. What could that mean?


  7. Taylor Louise Richmond December 28, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    Really worried about this 2020 transit. I will have Ceres, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Sun on my Capricorn ascendant. My boyfriend with have them on his north node 5th house. Going through 12th house saturn return right now and am already exhausted, terrified I won’t make it through 2020


  8. Tess December 30, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    being worried about 2020 is not logical and I understand how you feel. We have two years to worried about that and right now entering into a universal 11 year which equal two and its double one and the best is to focus in the present and not worried so much about the past and also learn from it and not worried about the future, but prepare for it. What we do today is for the future. We cannot control outside world or the environment we live in and only where we live and yes, its does have its pros and cons. We cannot control the political movement and only voice our opinions and hope for the best. I personally, do not play the left and right games or I do parties and to me its all the same in different degrees and everyone talks both sides of the mouth. Also, we all have to learn lessons and nobody is excluded. Some people might think they are high and mighty, but at the end; it shows nobody is. Only G-D!!!!!!!! We are going to enter into a three year cycle of balance and also setting boundaries and paying off debt, etc. People have to get there themselves in gear. Capricorn is like the CEO of the horoscopes. Yes, its not going to be parties, play time like it was in Sagit. Its just time to buckle down. I cannot worried about 2020 and if we all did and we would lose sight for what is happening to us in the present moment. I hope this help both of you out. Good luck, and faith is important. For me it is and I am Eastern Rite Orthodox Christian. Very different than the west. Faith is faith. Peace, and wishing you many blessings of the New Year of 2018.


  9. Tess December 30, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    I agree with you and I was writing to the person about 2020 not you. If you know anything about Orthodoxy and we are the beginning of Christianity to the EAST. I was not referring to that. Yes, we believe in Celebrating Christmas. I celebrate Christmas in very spiritual way and besides its for Children. I know all about the Roman god and the celebration etc. You are 110 percent right about greed, and so forth. Yes, its very sad, and we live in a very different time and our society has changed over time. We both do not have to be part of the greed and we are not and we do a lot of helping in our community and especially around Christmas and Pascha (Easter) That is the important of celebrating is helping people who do not have. Trust me, a lot of good people help others and there are good people in this world. Yes, we are experience sense of greed, and so forth. Remember, nothing last forever. Be well and peace to you for the coming year, and many blessings to you and your family, and Joyous New Year of 2018.


  10. MK January 2, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    Hallo, sorry for my english is not so good! born in 12 Januar 1985 in the 22 grade of capricorn! 9:45 in the morning, in Albania! I’m living in Germany …what will happen to me in that period?..can you please tell me with two words if i’m going to experience something tragic?..thank you very much!


  11. Gina Assem March 10, 2018 at 2:40 am

    i would like to know if anyone just has on hand the sign the past conjunctions occurred in? i prefer sidereal astrology, it matches what you see when you go outside and look up, the 2020 conjunction will occur at 27 sag– which is also galactic center. i’d think there’d be a difference in interpretation– though also i believe the aspects have more weight than where they occur.


  12. Tess March 12, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    I would not worry so much and focus more on the present then the future. Its what we do now and result for the future.


  13. Lou April 14, 2018 at 11:59 am

    What a horrible time for living. Not only a possible soon to be world war, but experiencing this freaking conjunction over my IC and of course opposing my MC, and squaring Axis Acendant/descendant….ugh …it´s gonna be terrible!!


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